Workshop of the Master’s Degree in Editorial Design to design photobooks with Jon Uriarte and seven top photographers

17 May 2023

Students of the Master’s Degree in Editorial Design have taken part in a workshop led by the photographer Jon Uriarte, in which they have been able to design a photobook using the projects of different leading photographers.

Jon Uriarte, curator at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, was in charge of selecting the photographers, with whom the students were able to work hand in hand: Javier Talavera, Laia Albert, Paloma Sagüez, Guillem Ayora, Andrea Carilla and Carles Hidalgo. The seven of them visited Elisava to present their work to the students so that they could draw up a proposal for publication.

Among the objectives of the workshop, which was held from 8 to 12 May, the students were introduced to the world of the photobook and were able to understand the role of an artistic director when it comes to producing it. They also gained experience in the creation of visual narratives through the sequencing of images. At the end of the workshop, the students were able to present their proposals in front of the photographers, and explain the design process of their books, the format or the materials of the publication, all of which was approached as a collaborative work with their fellow master’s degree students.