Workshop of students from the Master in Art Direction & New Narratives with the floral art studio Flowers by Bornay

05 Apr 2023
Students from the Master in Art Direction and New Narratives

In art direction, creating concepts that translate into images is a vital task, and there are many means to master it.

In this project, concepts were generated through the least possible linear way: The 4D Method. With this process, the students arrived at visual conclusions that exist outside their usual mental scope.

This workshop was a starting point where the basis and methods that will be useful along the master were set, starting from creative research and with disruption as a premise. It delved into remixing, the creative process, and expression through an unusual language, in this case, the floral one.


An introduction to the creative tools and methodologies of art direction

Concepts & Roses was an experimental assignment of the Master in Art Direction & New Narratives (MADNN), designed to introduce students to the creative tools and methodologies of art direction.

Honouring MADNN’s first edition, this first master’s degree project had ‘first times’ as the main topic. Through this trigger, students had to collect references in the Disseny Hub archive. Afterwards, they followed the disruptive 4D method —an idea-generating path created by Jordi Cano— to reach diverse concepts and expressive conclusions.

In collaboration with Flowers by Bornay, one of Europe’s leading flower art studios, students created 6 different conceptual flower arrangements.

With Fátima Valldeperas’ help, flower designer at Bornay, each team chose a visual line and translated it into the floral language. It took three days at Bornay’s workshop to plan the bouquet, produce it with different flowers and materials, and finally create the art direction for the final shots. There were 18 students and 4 teachers on set, 6 photoshoots in 4 hours, and over 50 flowers and plants turned into art direction projects.

The results are six extremely different yet unique flower bouquets named after their concepts: Onirochandra, Veiled Agony, First breath, Cosmoconnexio, Sinsation & Natnology.


Project professors

Fátima Valldeperas, Lucía Colombo, Bernard Arce, Beatrice Fiumi, Alan Ramírez, Raquel Pallejà