Which type of engineering to study?

11 May 2023

Nowadays, there are more than 50 different types of engineering, making it difficult to choose an area of specialisation. If you know for sure that you want to develop your career in the engineering sector, but you still haven’t decided which engineering degree to study, this post will interest you. In addition, we also explain the most relevant aspects of Elisava’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.

Why study engineering?

Engineering is one of the most demanded and best paid fields. Therefore, if you have the required skills and you are passionate about creating, designing and developing solutions by using different machines, materials, systems or processes, engineering can be a good area in which to professionalise your career. As we explained in our previous post about the different types of engineering, this is a discipline that covers many sectors. For this reason, we recommend you to take into account your interests and what you are really passionate about when deciding which type of engineering to study.

You should also consider what your goals are and what career opportunities each specialisation offers you. During this process, many students focus on the best-paid engineering and although it is true that the economic aspect is something to take into account, it shouldn’t be a determining factor.

Regardless of the specialisation you choose to study, there are certain skills that are common to all engineering degrees. For example, studying engineering requires a good knowledge of mathematics and technology, as well as a curious and entrepreneurial spirit.

Studying Industrial Design Engineering

If you have curiosity, an entrepreneurial spirit, good scientific-mathematical skills and an interest in design, Elisava’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering is the undergraduate degree you are looking for. During the four years the programme lasts, you will develop the skills and aptitudes you need to become a professional capable of transforming social and technological trends into design opportunities, technological prototypes into industrially viable designs, and value proposals into economically, ecologically and socially sustainable business models.

The role of industrial design engineers is fundamental in today’s society, as new materials and production processes with endless possible applications are discovered every day. In this sense, the constant changes we are experiencing require professionals who can continually rethink the meaning that products, systems and services have.

What do you need to study engineering?

As we have seen in this post, engineering is a field that demands extensive knowledge and technical skills. Its degree of complexity may vary depending on the specialisation you choose, but regardless of this, you need to have some prior training before studying any of the engineering fields.

Studying engineering means studying a university degree and, in order to enter it, it is necessary to have a high school diploma or a Higher Technical Vocational Training diploma. If you are over 25 years old, you can also apply for a university entrance exam.

In short, as we have seen throughout this post, there are many options available and any of the engineering disciplines is a good opportunity to focus your career on. If you let yourself be guided by your preferences, consider your aptitudes and weigh up the career opportunities that the different options offer you, we have no doubt that you will make the right choice. If you want to know more about our Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, we are at your disposal. You can request a personal interview and visit the school writing to grau@elisava.net.