Where to study Design in Spain?

07 Feb 2023

Design is one of the most demanded disciplines in recent years thanks to the development of new technologies and the search for effective solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality. Therefore, studying design, for example, the Degree in Design of Elisava, is an excellent option for those who have the talent and creativity to generate, develop and implement new communication elements, services, products or environments for society.

What is design?

Design is a discipline that combines analysis, synthesis and communication to provide creative proposals that meet the new demands of society. Designers have an observer and analyzer profile of the reality that surrounds them, they evaluate the needs generated in their environment to design and develop projects that improve and contribute to the user’s experience.

Why study design?

Design is one of the most demanded disciplines these days in the labour market.

According to the World Economic Forum, the most required professional skills in the coming years will be: analytical thinking, the ability to solve complex problems, resilience and adaptability to respond creatively and innovatively to new challenges. These are exactly the competencies that students acquire in our design degree.

Designers can work in different professional sectors, such as the industrial sector, advertising agencies, design studios, architectural firms, furniture and interior design, retail, media and publishing, among others.

Design graduates can pursue their professional careers in the development of projects oriented to design and innovation or in business and social entrepreneurship projects.

Designers can specialize in more specific areas, such as graphic design, editorial design, industrial design or product design and multimedia design, among others. Regardless of specialization, designers must have sufficient knowledge to promote artistic, technological and scientific development to innovate in all these areas.

Studying Design and Innovation in Barcelona

In Elisava you will be able to study design in Barcelona, our degree offers a multidisciplinary formation eminently practical (70 % of the subjects) in reduced groups to ensure a great curricular progression. The degree specialities are: product design, graphic design, design of interactive experiences and design of spaces.

The modules to complete our Degree of Design provide knowledge and context to base the foundations of design in the study of the humanities with subjects such as anthropology, philosophy, sociology or history. In addition to combining this training with knowledge of the materials, tools and techniques inherent to the design disciplines.

Another very important fact is the rate of job placement: 75% of graduates in the Degree in Design and Innovation of Elisava are working within three months after the end of the degree, 90% per year.

Masters and postgraduates in Design

In addition, at Elisava you can also take our master’s and postgraduate courses related to design, ideal for consolidating your knowledge acquired during your training in our university degrees. Explore our variety of post-graduate training alternatives and find the master’s or postgraduate courses that will help you improve your knowledge of design. We have a wide range of courses on offer, from master’s degrees specialising in product design to creative direction, branding or space design. Don’t hesitate any longer and discover at Elisava numerous training options to study design in Spain!