What is digital illustration and what career opportunities does it offer?

09 Sep 2021

Digital illustration is a kind of illustration that is playing an increasingly vital role in a multitude of different sectors. In today’s post, we tell you what it is and outline what career prospects specialising in this field can offer. We also present you our Master in Illustration and Visual Narrative.

What is digital illustration?

Digital illustration makes use of digital tools to produce artistic images, such as characters, objects or environments. Normally, these images are generated through an electronic device and using software such as Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator.

Digital illustration has the advantage of capturing information digitally and filtering it in the chosen interface. However, it is very often also combined with traditional illustration to achieve more personal and unique results.

What are my career prospects if I study digital illustration?

Now you know what digital illustration is, you may well be wondering what career opportunities it offers; and the answer to that question is probably a lot more than you’d imagine. As we said at the beginning of this post, today, digital illustration is a discipline with a widespread presence in a multitude of sectors. The audiovisual sector, for example, may require digital illustration for the representation of scenes that need to be recorded, for the creation of video games or for animation projects.

In the graphic design sector, digital illustration also takes on a very relevant role, as it is often used in a diverse range of areas, including product design, the production of promotional materials or brand creation. Digital illustration can also come into play in web design, with more and more companies and corporations today looking to stand out from the competition through the creation of original and unique content.

Another job prospect with a particularly promising future is editorial design, a sector that encompasses areas like the creation of comics, magazines and book or game illustration.

So, as you can see, studying digital illustration can offer an almost infinite range of possibilities today and in the future, especially at a time when the digital dimension is present in most areas of our daily lives.

Are you looking for a digital illustration course?

If you’re thinking about studying digital illustration to later enter the field professionally, we strongly recommend you consider our Master’s Degree in Illustration and Visual Narrative. This course will allow you to find your own voice as an illustrator and artist, while you develop your graphic skills and languages.

Included in the broad range of subjects that the master’s covers, are digital illustration classes, which enable you to gain a full command of the illustrative, artistic, and conceptual criteria, as well as the tools and techniques in the field of illustration and comics applied to all kinds of digital projects.

If you think you might be interested in digital illustration, please feel free to contact us to find out more about this master’s.