What does a degree in design consist of?

10 Feb 2023

Design is a key agent to create or improve products, services, communications, environments or experiences. Design integrates and combines different disciplines related to creativity and critical thinking along with the use of tools to materialize ideas. Currently, there is a great demand for specialized profiles in design. In this post we tell you what a degree in design consists of, and some aspects of Elisava’s Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation that may interest you.

Studying the degree in design

The degree in design combines different studies related to the disciplines that encompass the study of the humanities and the arts, along with technical knowledge for the development of projects related to design in different fields.

The design degree provides students with an analytical and critical vision of reality to carry out proposals and solutions in very diverse fields, such as: graphic design, branding and brand image development, interior design, design of commercial or private spaces, design of interactive experiences, web design, as well as product design and development.

Design is based on the combination of technical and practical learning of tools and contexts, so that students acquire the necessary knowledge to materialize projects. A designer must have a multidisciplinary and creative profile, have imagination and synthesis capacity, have the ability to seek rational solutions, have visual sensitivity, show interest in technology and be able to analyze the reality that surrounds them.

The designer can face any design challenge from a contextual and empathetic perspective towards people, and always taking into account social and environmental aspects.

How many years does the degree in design last?

A degree in design, generally, has a duration of 4 academic courses. That is to say that the student, to finish the degree, must pass 240 ECTS related to the subjects of the degree (60 ECTS for academic course). Depending on the flexibility of each academic centre, the student can finish the degree in design in 3 years. For example, in some occasions, students can validate subjects already studied in other degrees and studies already done related to the degree, for instance, profiles with studies in an upper-level training cycle can validate credits with their knowledge and experience already acquired, reducing the credits they will study during the degree.

Professional opportunities of the degree in design

Once finished the degree in design, in the case of Elisava’s Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation, students obtain a title of Graduate in Design and Innovation, a recognised certification issued by Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, title verified by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya, the main instrument for the promotion and assurance of quality in the Catalan higher education system.

Elisava’s degree in design trains multidisciplinary professionals related to the field of design capable to innovate and develop projects related to design. Graduate students of Elisava’s degree in Design and Innovation can work in a wide variety of projects closely linked to the social and business context, addressing complex, current and future challenges in collaboration with public and private entities.

Where to study Design in Barcelona?

In Spain, there is a wide variety of universities where you can study Design. At Elisava, you will be able to study design in Barcelona in a center equipped with the latest technologies. We have a teaching team formed by professionals in the sector, as well as a training plan based, mainly, on the combination of practice and theory. Students of Elisava’s Degree in Design and Innovation can also specialize in graphic design, product design, space design and design of interactive experiences.