What do you have to study to become an interior designer?

23 Feb 2023

Interior design is a modality of design that requires professionals capable of designing spaces that offer a unique experience to the user and allow them to enjoy an emotional connection with the environment. Therefore, those who have the desire to transform spaces should study interior design. In this post we explain in detail what these studies consist of and Elisava’s academic options with the Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation and the Master in Interior Design.

Profile of an interior designer

An interior designer must be able to analyze, synthesize and communicate ideas and translate them into their environment. For this reason, it is very important for them to have a broad knowledge in the fields of fine arts, humanities and social sciences. An interior designer must master the technical knowledge related to modeling, 3D rendering or video and image editing. In addition, he or she must have knowledge about the functioning of materials, color theory, scale and proportions, figuration and lighting skills, among others. In short, an interior designer must have a multidisciplinary profile.

What to study to become an interior designer?

To become an interior designer, it is necessary to have a wide knowledge in this field. Therefore, the most advisable is to study interior design in academic fields: through a university degree or a master’s degree. We will tell you about it in detail below:

University Degree in Design

A degree in design is one of the most common ways to become an interior designer with a broad professional profile. A university degree offers a great perspective on design, offering technical knowledge on the study and analysis of materials, combined with the contexts and understanding provided thanks to the study of history and current trends. Therefore, for those profiles that wish to have a solid and broad base in the field of design, studying a university degree is the best choice. It is possible to access a university degree in Design through a baccalaureate or from training cycles related to this field.

Master’s Degree in Interior Design

Master’s degrees are aimed at professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge. A master’s degree in interior design can help to deepen the knowledge acquired in a university degree in design or engineering, for example, where creativity, innovation and technical mastery are very necessary. To study a master’s degree in Interior Design, it is necessary to have a qualification equivalent to a university degree or demonstrable professional experience in the sector.

Study Interior Design in Barcelona

If you are looking for a place to study interior design in Barcelona, at Elisava you can study the Degree in Design and Innovation with a mention in interior design or the Master’s Degree in Interior Space Design. In both cases, these are training options based on the realization of projects, the combination of theoretical studies to provide contexts and perspectives of reality, in addition to the analysis of the tools and materials related to this professional field.