‘VORA’, urban furniture to promote play in pacified spaces, installed on a corner in Sant Andreu

14 Apr 2023
Vora in the Escola Estel in La Sagrera

Thanks to the collaboration between Elisava Research, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona and BenitoNovatilu, the industrialized version of VORA, an urban element designed to promote play and social relations in peaceful spaces, has just been inaugurated.

VORA was born as a prototype within the framework of the FURNISH research project, funded by EIT-Urban Mobility, and thanks to an agreement between university, public administration and business. Today it is an industrialized product and is being tested in the public space. VORA has been hosted by the Escola l’Estel in La Sagrera neighborhood, which uses it as a space for play, socialization and training activities, and will remain at the corner of Felip II and Josep Estivill streets for a month.

In 2020, a first prototype of VORA was already installed in the corner of the Sagrada Familia School in Barcelona.