VISIONS BY, the first spin off of Elisava

21 Jun 2023

The comprehensive project VISIONS BY has become Elisava first spin off. The initiative is positioned in the publishing market as a generator of cultural content in physical and digital format for a young audience, in constant relationship with the agents of the creative and cultural industries, and with an ecosystem formed by the most avant-garde creatives and researchers at an international level.

Following this spin-off agreement between Elisava Research and MAYBE, the aim is to increase the business potential and social impact of the project, with strategic partnerships with entities in the publishing and media sector -such as Onomatopée, Publishing House-. In this case, Elisava Research will continue to sponsor the platform and dissemination events at the most important cities and stages (Dutch Design Week, Harvard Design University, New York or Mexico).



VISIONS BY is a knowledge platform that, through an annual magazine, addresses different perspectives on materiality and material cultures from a critical and speculative research approach. Its aim is to generate awareness through materials beyond their physical properties and to consider materials as a new, titled discipline, emerging from a design context.

Materials are inevitably linked to the evolution of humanity: they give identity, build heritage and project futures. We focus on this impact and social perception of materials and the importance of materials in activating and energising cultures and socio-economic systems.

With annual presentations and participatory performances by emerging and established designers, issues of VISIONS BY magazine are shaped by a curated eclectic mix of articles, photo essays, interviews and case studies, encompassing different ways of understanding and applying materials in a design context.