‘Veluga’, by Engineering Degree student Joan Pahissa, wins the Catalonia Ecodesign Award

04 Oct 2023
'Veluga', Premio Cataluña de Ecodiseño

The Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2023 has awarded the Veluga project, by Joan Pahissa, Elisava Alumni of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, in the Young Design category.

Veluga, made in collaboration with Barcelona Activa and Port de Barcelona, is a smart 3D-printed defense for docks and made with recycled plastics collected from the sea. Thanks to its structure, the product absorbs the impacts of boats against the pier. The project incorporates intelligent mooring signage that, through an app, collects and visualizes data in real time to optimize port facilities.

'Veluga', Premio Cataluña de Ecodiseño

On the other hand, the awards have recognized with a mention the FIX project, by the undergraduate students Maria Mei Bellsolà, Mario Sanz, Núria Fandos; a project carried out together with Girbau Lab to recover microplastics from washing machines with wet solid waste and convert it into new material.

Among the selected works we find another project by Elisava: Serena, a desk lamp made with recycled paper and designed by Sergi Peguera, student of the Degree in Design.

The Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2023 recognizes products on the market and in development designed, manufactured or executed in Catalonia that integrate considerations into their design to improve their environmental performance throughout their life cycle. The award mainly values the incorporation of eco-design strategies and the contribution of the proposals to the circular economy, the quality of design and innovation.