Basic Training Course

The perfect preparation for Elisava's undergraduate degrees

Elisava proposes an immersion in the world of design and engineering to let future students become familiar with the university degrees, laboratories and workshops of the school before the start of the academic year.

The course offers two options:

  1. Technical itinerary for future students of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.
  2. Artistic itinerary for future students of the Degree in Design.

Students will work in basic areas of study of the undergraduate degrees such as artistic and technical drawing in the artistic course, or mathematics and physics in the technical course.

The course has a blended format: on the one hand, we want to create awareness of the social challenges facing design today, such as the environment, the migration crisis and the crisis of identity and gender. On the other, know the technologies that build our future, such as 3D printing, motion capture, physical computing, etc. Visits made to design studios, laboratories, industrial workshops and production plants will help future students understand the context of the studies and the future profession.

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