Undergraduate students design a series of projects that reflect on the politics of free time

10 Jan 2024
Projecte Global temps lliure
Project ‘Fes-ta Mule’, by Berta Albiac, Sara Ayter, Claudia Duque, Queralt Font, Gina Giró, Júlia Guillén, Albert Roca, Laia Sánchez and Aina Sos.

The students of the Degree in Design have participated in The Free Time Project, within the framework of the subject ‘Global Project’, coordinated by Professor Raúl Goñi.

The project has revolved around the understanding and analysis of the politics of free time and the modalities of pleasure, exploring logics of imposed normativity applied to when, how, where and with whom we can have fun.


What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

Can we think of work that allows us to imagine a lifestyle in which working brings us joy, happiness and personal connection? Let us work on desirable gifts. So far, human activity has transformed the entire planet to the point of endangering our lives. We must therefore reflect on what levels of work and what implications we can afford.

Leisure time has become a luxury. The Greeks defined work as practice, “work done voluntarily in order to strengthen personal relationships”, what is now known as social reproduction, the creation of a public life in a community. Instead, we would be faced with the huge question of our own desires: what do we want to do with our time and how do we want to organise our lives?

“Ultimately, what matters is not the endless reduction of necessary labour per se, but the liberation of time and the creation of institutions, projects through which we can consciously and collectively guide the development of humanity. We need the freedom to determine what is necessary for us” (Hester & Srnicek, 2023).



Based on these reflections, the students of the Degree in Design have participated in the following series of 7 workshops:

  • Body and Time, by Citlali Hernández
  • A Matter, by Jordi Canudas
  • Prosthesis of Identity, by Saul Baeza
  • Anti Design, by Juan Ezcurra
  • Absurdity and Pleasure, by Manuela Valtchanova
  • Evil Mode, by Eduardo Piraces
  • Writing about Time, by Danielle Porretta