Undergraduate students and 20 Barcelona associations work together to rethink the city

Last Friday 3rd December, 160 students from the Degree in Design of Elisava, from 4 different disciplines presented the projects of the subject Global Project 1 in the Urbine space of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The initiative aims to re-signify the city and make proposals through interventions that improve the social capital of the metropolis. To this end, different workshops have been organized, where they have worked on various projects together with associations and institutions with real problems that require attention, reflection, solutions and answers from a global design perspective.

The workshops have been held in various spaces, where students have worked in multiple disciplines: The Graphic Workshop (Graphic Experimentation), Media Lab (Interactive Experiences), Library (Research), Prototyping Workshop (Product and Space), Science Lab (Technical and Scientific Experimentation), Space Workshop (Prototypes, Models, Materials) and TMDC.

In total, 20 associations and / or institutions from the metropolitan area have collaborated in the initiative, among which are Extintion Rebelion Joves, Recuperem els carrers, Protegim les escoles, Fundació Josep SantaCreu or Anem per feina, among others.