International Mobility

We have always thought that the exchange and mobility of students and teachers enrich university education. For this reason, we promote them by establishing networks with international centres that also include the development of joint programs of teaching, cooperation and research.

Currently at Elisava we have agreements with more than 70 of the most recognised and influential universities in the world of design and engineering worldwide (Europe, United States, Canada, Israel, Asia, Australia, Latin America ...), and we participate in several exchange, cooperation and research programmes with foreign academic institutions. The experience allows us to confirm that the benefit is double: the circulation of knowledge is favoured and the teaching of the disciplines taught in the School is improved.

This international projection is articulated through different associations and programmes. The School is part of the Cumulus networks, which brings together the main institutions in the field of design from around the world in order to promote international cooperation and ELIA, European League of Institutes of the Arts, which brings together many of the schools of reference in art and design of Europe and other continents. We are also members of the International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

In addition, we collaborate with the Council on International Educational Exchange, a non-profit organisation designated by the US Department of State that has the function of managing international student exchange programs. We also participate in the Erasmus+ program, promoted by the European Union with the aim of bringing students to Europe and Europe to students.


Outgoing students

Incoming students