Elisava Representatives

As a student, you are an essential part of the daily activity of the School. Thus, we want you to participate actively in the governing bodies and in the development of evaluation methods and continuous improvement of the studies exercising the representation of your course. Do you want to sign up? Let us tell you a little more!

Every academic year, a group of students who act on behalf of their classmates is chosen. This allows us to collect the opinion, the comments and all the suggestions of our students (academic, facilities, procedures...) to improve the everyday life of the School.

In addition, you will be able to recognise 1 ECTS credit for each year that you take the role of representative of your course within the framework of recognition of university activities.

What does it mean to be a representative?

If you decide to become a representative you will have some obligations to fulfil. Each academic year, the School prepares an annual calendar of meetings that you will have to attend to share everything you want and evaluate with us the application and development of all aspects related to the contents, subjects and activities of your Degree.

Basically, the meetings you will have to attend are: monthly meetings with the School Management to deal with general aspects of Elisava (facilities, services, activities...); quarterly meetings with the heads of studies and the academic coordination team to evaluate the academic aspects of the different subjects and contents; and semi-annual meetings with the School Board (one of our Governing Bodies).

You can also attend the annual meeting with the Quality Committee and participate in the eventual verification and accreditation processes of the degrees (as stipulated in the "Agència per a la Qualitat de Sistema Universitari de Catalunya - AQU Catalunya"). In short, all this implies that you will be the main bridge between the School and all the students so we will ask you to make sure that the information we generate and disseminate from the School reaches all your classmates.

How do I become a representative?

The Person in Charge of Academic Organization and Quality of the School is in charge of managing the process of election of the representatives of the students, once a year. So, if you want to become a representative, pay attention to the process, which will take place at the beginning of the course. We will launch the call for students who want to become representatives.

Once the candidacy submission period is closed, we will publish the results in the Virtual Campus of the School and, if there are no objections, the candidates will be officially designated in the corresponding academic year. The same person responsible for the process is also responsible for ensuring that the students elected take part in the activities of the School and resolve any questions. If you want more information, send an email to grau@elisava.net or speak with the coordination team of your Degree.