Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering (UPF)

Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Branch of knowledge
Engineering and Architecture

Graduate in Industrial Design Engineering – Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, accredited qualification awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)

Product Design
Product development
Product Management

4 years
Academic calendar

Catalan / Spanish
Some subjects in English

240 ECTS
(60 ECTS ECTS per academic year)

157 €/ECTS
Financing and grants

In the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering we will question the limits of design and engineering in all its disciplines. Only in the "doing" is found the necessary engine to achieve the change and innovation that the new times require so much. Therefore, our educational model is based on project works where all disciplines coexist and combine to obtain unique and original results.

At Elisava, we think of our own school as a hub of infinite connections. For this reason, we keep in full contact with the business and institutional network, also with design and engineering professionals and, above all, with our former students. Thus, we have created a network of national and international contacts of the highest level that you will always have at your fingertips. Whether it is to do an internship, to participate in projects or to enrol in an Erasmus programme, the great community that makes up Elisava will always be at your side.

The role of the engineer in industrial design is crucial in today's society. Every day new materials are discovered, productive processes with infinity of possible applications. There are scientific and technological advances that make the social and industrial environment in which we live be in continuous transformation. Constant changes that require continually rethinking the meaning of products, systems and services.

The Degree in Industrial Design Engineering gives the necessary tools to understand these changes and turn them into realities at your disposal, acting as a bridge between society, technology and business. 

The aim of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering is to offer you the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to design, develop and manage a product in a comprehensive manner, from its creation to its launch, intervening and planning all phases of its life cycle. The specialisations are not based on the field of application but on the phase of the design process in which students want to innovate:

Specialization in Product Design

Innovate through technology in product conceptualization.

This is the specialty of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering that you must choose if you want to become an expert and competent professional that can intervene in any of the phases of the process of conceptualisation and experimentation of a product; that is, in its creation or redesign in an innovative manner and with critical capacity.

Specialisation in Product Development

Innovate through technology in the production process and detail design.

If you take this specialty of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering you will be able to conceive the idea of ​​a new "manufacturable" product, guaranteeing that it works correctly, that it maintains an adequate function-shape relationship, that it is manufactured in an efficient and sustainable manner and that, in addition, incorporates innovative elements from all the points of view: simulation, advanced materials and technological integration.

Specialisation in Product Management

Innovate through technology in the user experience and business models.

This specialty of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering will train you as a competent professional and will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge and project experience for the management of innovation, new products and business models: data-driven design and interaction design.

Any of these areas of expertise of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering involves becoming a professional identified with the technical, formal and creative design process, taking into account current trends (social, cultural, aesthetic, technological, economic and environmental). You will be responsible for the technical project of product development, capable of giving technological and economic viability to the product. You will identified with the production process, with a vision to define the technologies necessary for the manufacture of the product and the optimization of resources. A professional with the ability to improve the environment.

Once the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering is finished, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to promote qualitative improvements in the activity of any company, study, R & D department, technical office or project of which you are a part. Or you can even start your own project and start a start-up in any field and sector.

Some examples are:

  • Transport and mobility: design of cars or components for cars, electric bikes, electric scooters, airplanes...
  • Consumer electronics: design or development of products and electronic devices such as mobiles or tablets.
  • Food: packaging and packaging design.
  • Biomedical: development of material for hospitals, prostheses, laboratory tools, etc.
  • Sport: innovation in materials, design of sports equipment, footwear, clothes, etc.
  • Wearables: technology integration in fabrics, electronic accessories.
  • Digital applications: design and development of web pages, mobile applications, internet of things, applications of augmented reality and virtual reality.

90% of our students find work in the months following the end of the degree and most are satisfied with their current job (score: 8/10). In addition, 80% would repeat Grade and University *. * Source: estudis.aqu.cat/dades/Web/Inici 

For Elisava, keeping in touch with the business and institutional sector is one of the basic pillars of training. The collaboration with the business and institutional sector is part of the day to day of the School. That is why, during the four years of the Undergraduate Degree in Design, you will have the opportunity to participate in academic projects, workshops and other activities carried out in collaboration with companies and institutions such as Hard Rock Café, Sony, Swarovski, HP, Desigual, Danone, SEAT, Santa & Cole , Sónar, Mira, MACBA, Fundació Arrels, Desis Network and Victoria & Albert Museum. When you have 120 credits, you will have the opportunity to take curricular and/or extracurricular internships in front-line companies. This experience will allow you to learn and acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to enter the labour market.

Another of the pillars that we promote to enrich training is the exchange and the mobility of students and teachers. Therefore, we work daily to promote the international relations of Elisava with other institutions, educational centres, universities and research centres around the world.  The proof of our work is that currently we have agreements with more than 70 universities. Among them are the most recognized and influential in the design and engineering sector worldwide.

Here you can see the complete study plan from the 2018-19 academic year. Discover all the subjects that make up our Degree in Industrial Design Engineering. You also can download the table with the summary of subjects per course, to delve into the content of each subject. For any questions related to the curriculum or for any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help you!

Structure and contents

The Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering is developed in four years. The first course is made up of subjects that will give you a global vision of the fundamental concepts of engineering and design. During the second course we will give you a global vision of the future of the profession. You will be able to experiment with the most advanced and emerging technologies.

This, during the first two years you will learn, on the one hand, the scientific-technical, expression and representation tools necessary for technical resolution, formalisation and product development; and on the other, you will delve into the culture of aesthetics and design, necessary for the contextualisation and formalization of the product necessary for the development of the profession.

The third course is a year of innovation where you will apply the knowledge obtained in the part of the design process in which you want to specialise, your specialisation. Also in this course, you can take curricular internships or take a semester in a foreign university through the Erasmus programme. Apart from the subjects corresponding to your specialisation, during the third and fourth years, you will study compulsory subjects in the project area and others of a multidisciplinary nature in the field of the company, industrial processes and programming and interaction in the product. These contents will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply strategies for innovation management, entrepreneurship and new business models in the field of engineering and product.

The fourth course is a professional year during which you will have to develop your Undergraduate Degree’s Final Project (TFG), in which you will demonstrate your personal positioning through a project that integrates and demonstrates all the competencies that you have acquired throughout the Undergraduate Degree.