Types of engineering: Find out what each one of them consists of

21 Apr 2023

One of the most important decisions a student has to make during their academic career is which university degree to study. If you are interested in studying engineering, in today’s post we’ll explain some of the types of engineering you can study in Spain and what each of them consists of. In addition, we explain you some details of Elisava’s Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.

Reasons to study engineering

There are many reasons to study engineering. To begin with, engineering is one of the most highly valued and well-paid professions in today’s world of work. Moreover, our reality is in a constant state of change and evolution that allows engineers to develop products and services in order to improve different sectors, especially within the industrial field, for the progress of mankind.

What types of engineering are there?

Engineering offers solutions to complex problems so as to design, develop and produce new products and services, as well as promote technological development in different industrial areas. Engineering includes many sectors, which means that choosing an engineering specialisation is not an easy task. One of the requirements to qualify for studying one of its forms is to have solid knowledge of mathematics, science and technology, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering specialises in the design and development of mechanical parts for all sectors of manufacturing, transport and robotics. In their studies and development of mechanical engineering projects, they mainly apply principles of thermodynamics or physics.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering concerns everything that has to do with construction work. The civil engineer is responsible for the design, planning and construction of all types of civil infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, buildings, housing, etc. This type of engineering can also incorporate studies related to the environment and land.

Electronic engineering

Electronic engineers are those professionals who have knowledge of electricity and circuit creation. Electronic engineering is mainly focused on computer science, telecommunications and system automation. In short, it studies the management of information transmission and reception.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is the study of the composition of raw materials and the production of products to be marketed. This type of engineering is related to the mining, food and industrial sectors.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering covers everything related to the development and production of goods and services. Industrial engineering professionals work in different fields of industry, from quality control to information management, among others.

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering specialises in the medical sector and health sciences. It is mainly focused on the development of tools needed for the health sector.

Materials Engineering

Materials engineering is a field of engineering that studies, designs and projects the structure, composition and functioning of a material, in order to achieve a predetermined set of properties. This engineering field is closely related to mechanics and manufacturing.

Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

The Degree in Industrial Design Engineering is the university degree you are looking for. It is a university degree approved by the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia, which lasts 4 years (240 credits) and combines knowledge of mechanical, electronic, industrial and materials engineering.

During your university studies you will have at your disposal all the tools, scientific knowledge and technological resources that you need for your academic education, so that you can take part in the development of our society from a technological, economic, cultural and environmental point of view.

For more information on our Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, please contact us through the form available on our website. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.