Elisava, School of Design and Engineering at UVic-UCC, promotes education, knowledge and research in the fields of design, communication and engineering. Located in Barcelona, Elisava has trained more than 25,000 students in its 60 years of history.

On this Transparency website we publish the information required by the regulations on transparency, access to information and good governance.

Legal and juridical framework

Current university legislation:

  • Llei 1/2003, de 19 de febrer, d’universitats de Catalunya
  • Ley Orgánica 2/2023, de 22 de marzo, del Sistema Universitario
  • Real Decreto 822/2021, de 28 de septiembre, por el que se establece la organización de las enseñanzas universitarias y del procedimiento de aseguramiento de su calidad
  • Ley 17/2022, de 5 de septiembre, por la que se modifica la Ley 14/2011, de 1 de junio, de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación
  • Llei 9/2022, del 21 de desembre, de la ciència
  • Ley 3/2022, de 24 de febrero, de convivencia universitaria
  • Real Decreto 1509/2008, de 12 de septiembre, por el que se regula el Registro de Universidades, Centros y Títulos
Transparency portals of federated entities UVic-UCC

The Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) has a federated structure made up of the Fundació Universitària Balmes (FUBalmes), the Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUBages), the Fundació d’Estudis Superiors en Ciències de la Salut (FESS) and the Fundació Privada Elisava, Escola Universitària. This structure allows to join efforts to promote the University and the public service it provides, while promoting the approach and the feeling of belonging of citizens to the University environment.

Each federated entity manages its centers with its own human, technological and patrimonial resources. However, they maintain a relationship of institutional and strategic collaboration and co-responsibility in academic planning to advance a common university project, that of UVic-UCC. Therefore, in the academic field they are subject to university legislation, the Rules of organization and operation of the UVic-UCC and the rest of the University’s own regulations, as well as the agreements of the academic bodies of the UVic-UCC. Since each federated entity is a separate legal entity from the rest of the entities that are part of the UVic-UCC, each one manages and is responsible for its own Transparency Portal. Below is a brief description of each of the federated entities, as well as their Transparency Portal.

The Fundació Universitària Balmes (FUB), established in 1985 for an indefinite period of time, owned by the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, recognized by Law 5/97, of May 30, is a non-profit university foundation and is governed by the Third Book of the Civil Code of Catalonia, relating to legal persons, by the other applicable legal and regulatory rules and, in particular, by its Statutes. The Transparency Portal of the FUB can be consulted by clicking here.

The Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUBages) was established in 1986 and is located in Manresa. It began its academic activity in 1990, with the creation of the University School of Nursing. The signing of a federation agreement with the Balmes University Foundation on January 30, 2014, made it the headquarters of the Manresa Campus (UManresa) of the UVic-UCC. The FUBages Transparency Portal can be consulted by clicking aquí.

The Fundació d’Estudis Superiors en Ciències de la Salut (FESS) was created on January 16, 2015, driven by FUBalmes and FUBages. It signed the federative agreement within the framework of the UVic-UCC on December 20, 2016. The FESS is the titular entity of the Faculty of Medicine and aims, among others, the development of university studies and research activities, knowledge transfer and dissemination in the field of health sciences. The FESS Transparency Portal can be consulted by clicking here.

University regulations

The Internal Regulations of the Elisava School of Design and Engineering is currently being drafted and will be approved once the new Rules of Organisation and Operation of the UVic-UCC are in force.

Inscription in the Register of Foundations

The Foundation is inscribed in the Register of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya under number 1841.

Postal and e-mail addresses

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