Transformation of urban ruins


Transformation of urban ruins: Accommodation for migrants with equipment and services. A space for reception, insertion and feedback.


2nd year Design Degree, 2017-18.


Daria de Seta (coord.), Francesc Pla, Ramon Faura, Ramón García and students of Hàbitat.


Nau Bostik, Benvinguts Refugiats.

The project begins with the discovery of new needs around the habitat in different groups with new realities in our current society as an item of development of the Habitat subject framed in the field of knowledge of Space Design within the programs of Elisava, Barcelona school of Design and Engineering.

Know the needs of the immigrant collective. Locate shelter and integration formulas based on the multidirectional contribution with the host society. Location of groups and reception spaces and the possibilities of interrelation: the immigrant, collectives and receiving spaces at different scales and our possible contribution as designers.

Concept generation. Through the analysis of needs and search of possible interrelations and feedback between collectives. Research on concrete proposals that allow to offer solutions on the proposed situation.

What does the immigrant need? What can the immigrant contribute? What spaces and groups can help their integration? How to establish the links that allow the interest of all groups?

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