Training activity by Francesc Ribot, PhD about graphic design and scientific communication in collaboration with the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology

03 Apr 2024

Francesc Ribot (PhD), coordinator of the Graphic Design Area of Elisava’s Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation, has organised a training activity within the framework of Elisava Research in collaboration with the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO). Its central theme revolved around using graphic expression for science communication, enabling a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

The course delved into fundamental principles of visual design while offering practical advice that can be applied to creating posters and presentations. Emphasizing the significance of visual hierarchy in information design, it equipped participants with techniques to effectively handle and present research findings. Sketching can be used as a cognitive tool for doctoral students and researchers to visually articulate elements of their investigations, fostering unique perspectives and facilitating clearer explanations of their work.

About VHIO Academy

The VHIO Academy encompasses all educational programs at VHIO in order to manage the integration and dissemination of cancer-focused training opportunities, with initiatives for all VHIO personnel, as well programs tailored to patients and members of the community.

Its main tasks include launching and managing institutional fellowship calls aimed at attracting and retaining talented professionals in the field of oncology, developing cancer-focused educational programs, and reinforcing communication and dissemination of cancer knowledge.