Beauty (109) Care (68) City (91) Craft (71) Creative activism (147) Culture (204) Data (41) Efficiency (93) Emergency (13) Health (46) Identity (168) Inclusivity (29) Materials (189) Nature (31) New European Bauhaus (124) Phygital (63) Purposeful businesses (66) Robotics (29) Social (203) Sustainability (158)
Welcoming the beauty of arts and culture as a driver for inspiration and intimate connection, where aesthetics can convey and enrich our lives, providing beauty for our eyes, mind and souls, responding to needs beyond functionality.
Deals with care and empathy as drivers for more humanised interactions, nurturing user-centered solutions, promoting individual well-being, as well as incorporating emotional, intimate and sensorial aspects in the design practice.
Refers to actions and interventions in the civic space, taking the city as both a platform to express and expose, as well as a platform where design-driven urban interventions can mediate citizen behaviours.
When cultural heritage meets manufacturing and incorporates contemporary materials and manufacturing technologies and processes, thereby impacting on the generation of new cultural artifacts and aesthetics and on the local and regional socioeconomic development.
Refers to those creative and cultural practices and spaces that address critical social issues through transformative interventions in order to raise awareness, make visible and mobilize society and lobbies towards changing society for the better.
Acknowledging that cultural and creative industries are a valuable asset for human evolution. Culture and multiculturalism relate to values and identity, to collective heritage, to an evolving collective imaginarium.
Dealing with the new status quo of the era of information and data-driven societies such as, amongst others: digital and distributed production, distributed digital systems, digital businesses and customer segmentation, or the quantified self.
Refers to approaches and solutions to improve the coherence and effectivity in terms of resources, energy, ecosystems and mobility, including new modes of transport that transition towards being more safe, inclusive, and efficient.
Refers to all those technological and social interventions under extreme situations that support alleviation of the crisis or catastrophe conditions.
Refers to the "hardware" aspect of health, like medical devices or biofabrication; to the more ‘soft” aspects of health, from data-driven digital solutions to promoting well-being health spaces.
The drive to explore digital and physical identities addressing their wider personal, social, cultural and political consequences, our relationship to our body and interactions, and emerging cultural expressions and values.
Embracing diversity, decolonising perspectives and building equity by raising the voice in issues related to age, gender, or ethnicities amongst others, while offering accessible and democratized experiences.
Materials and materials selection as tools to work towards sustainable green and circular economies through regenerative practices; materials as a way to address materials-driven design, creative processes and innovation, including digital materiality.
Deals with ecology and wildlife and the concepts of living-with and designing-with nature, rewilding culture, and regenerative design.
Sustainable, beautiful, together: this pan European initiative calls to imagine and build together a future that is: Enriching, inspired by art and culture, responding to needs beyond functionality; Sustainable, in harmony with nature, the environment, and our planet; and Inclusive, encouraging a dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages.
Where digital and physical layers merge, where AI meets creativity, where objects become interconnected, where digital transformations in the form of new interfaces and platforms reshape culture, societies, services or products.
Aiming at “profit with purpose” and “doughnut” economies, design-driven business strategies as an added value methodological tool for other sectors towards dynamising conscious businesses and consumption, engaged brands, and products and services with a green or social purpose.
A drive to address human-machine interactions, robotic and automated systems developments, and machine learning processes.
Refers to societal resilience, societal transformations and empowering communities, by acting onto the collective memory, making visible and easening conflicts, or generating the digital and physical spaces for social relationships to flourish.