The Elisava Masters Awards 2023 reward the best projects of Master’s and Postgraduate students

The 10th edition of the Elisava Masters Awards has once again rewarded the excellence and creativity of the best projects of the students of Elisava’s Master’s and Postgraduate programmes that finished in February 2023.

The directors of the Master’s and Postgraduate programmes have chosen a first selection of Master’s Final Projects, which have subsequently been evaluated by a Jury, composed on this occasion by:

  • Pablo Figuera, Diseñador y Managing Director (Goula+Figuera Studio)
  • Iván Pintor, Profesor de Cine Contemporáneo, Lenguajes Visuales e Historia del Cómic (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
  • Ellen Rapelius, Arquitecta y Fundadora (KAE studio)

In addition, the Audience Award has also been awarded, the result of an online vote open to the general public. The winners were announced during the Master’s and Postgraduate Graduation Party, held on 28 February at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). They are as follows:

Winning projects

Elisava Masters Awards – Graphic Design Category (ex aequo):

UNGAZE, Frans Hulet, Mariolina Pacelli
Master in Visual Design

For deconstructing the male gaze from the collective and social imaginary. For dealing with this subject in an excellent way and presenting a very well focused graphic proposal. For taking porn out of the sphere of intimacy and opening the dialogue about this issue.

Elisava Masters Awards – Graphic Design Category (ex aequo):

El viejo Matías, Pablo Domrose
Master’s Degree in Illustration and Comics

For a very poetic, personal, intimate, emotional project that takes us to the world of childhood, of memories. It is a very solid proposal that controls the narrative very well; the style of the drawing works very well with the story it tells.

Elisava Masters Awards – Communication Category:

Tombaroli, by Juan David Muñoz, Natalia Calero, Maia Lappas, Marie-Louise Schmidlin.
Master in Art Direction and New Narratives

For the risk taken by the students to create such an elegant universe and imaginary. For the art direction and photography, so careful, interesting and rich in references. This project has managed to make “its images almost smell”.

Elisava Masters Awards – Space Design Category:

Temps Hotel, by Nicole González, Milagros Desirée Granda, Joaquín Macip, María Sofía Pizarro.
Master’s Degree in Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Design – Postgraduate in Hotel Design and New Hostelling

For creating a very fresh and young space design project, very well done. For being daring and taking risks in the creation of such a specific aesthetic. For the high quality of all the renderings of the project, with lighting as a strong point.

Elisava Masters Awards – Product and Service Design Category:

Odapt, by Patricia López, Jessica Niessen, Ivana Llobet.
Master in Industrial Design Engineering

For solving a medical issue and a vital problem for many people. The students have delimited this situation very well, using technology to improve an existing product. For the open communication and presentation they have made, which allows to destigmatise the disease.

Elisava Masters Awards Audience Award:

Symbiology, by Alicia Guerrero, Julian Pineda, Carla Helmbrecht, Rocío Blanchod, Alba Carbonell
Master’s Degree in Art Direction and New Narratives – Postgraduate in Art Direction

The winning project of this year’s Audience Award has obtained a total of 403 votes on the Easypromos voting platform. Simbiology is inspired by the symbiosis of creatures with nature and with each other to design a perfume characterised by the synchrony between the notes, which generate a unique aroma that combines the strength of the earth and the freshness of the sea, the warmth of wood and the seduction of spices.