The ei! 2022 Awards honour the best Elisava Final Degree Projects

10 Oct 2022

Created a decade ago to highlight the quality and excellence of Elisava’s young designers, the ei! Awards have celebrated their 11th edition, with awards for the best Final Degree Projects by students from the 2021-22 graduating class, and also for the best academic record.

In this edition, ten projects have been awarded, and their authors have received the prize in an on-site graduation ceremony, the first one after the pandemic, in the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB).

The Jury for this edition was formed by:

  • Raquel Quevedo, Designer.
  • Salvi Plaja, President of ADI-FAD.
  • Adrián Jurado, Architect.
  • Júlia Esqué, Product Designer.
  • Javier Peña, General Manager of Elisava.

The members of the jury have selected a prize-winning project in the Human, Materials, Information and Technology categories, and two projects in the Society category, with two special mentions in the Materials and Technology categories. The projects are the following:

Winning projects

Mama‘ de Clàudia Falgà.
Tutor: Mariana Eidler

The Jury highlights the winning work for the power of a personal project and for the high quality of all the submitted pieces, in which graphic design, writing, sculpture and photography coexist. The jury also highly values the author’s courage in choosing such a personal theme, based on which she has carried out an introspective exploration through design.

‘Mama’ by Clàudia Falgà

Volk‘, Helena Osuna.
Tutors: Martín Azúa y Xavier Tutó.

For carrying out a fascinating research on product design, for documenting to perfection the process of analysing materials and their components, using different paths and possibilities. The Jury agrees that the final result has been expressed and presented with an excellent formal delicacy, and with great aesthetic value in the set of all its parts.

‘Volk’, Helena Osuna
Special mention Materials

Craft Rain Down‘, Otto Bridgham.
Tutors: Luis Eslava, Andrés Martínez y Albert Pablo

For presenting such a personal and surprising design project. The Jury considers that the student has managed to vindicate an everyday, anodyne object that no one had thought of before. They also valued very positively the previous research work on this type of product. For celebrating and appreciating the diversity and magic of craftwork. And, finally, for presenting diverse formal proposals that work, with a great aesthetic component and originality.

‘Craft Rain Down’, Otto Bridgham

El funeral de la llet‘, Liam Kelly.
Tutors: Mariana Eidler, Raquel Llaberia y Héloise Vilaseca

For exposing such a crucial present-day problem by raising an issue on which we should all reflect: food sovereignty. The Jury values the courage and maturity of the student, who has stepped out of his comfort zone as a designer by carrying out a project that is far removed from his discipline.

‘El funeral de la llet’, Liam Kelly
Society ex aequo

A peu de carrer‘, Eloi Sánchez.
Tutor: Roger Paez

The Jury agreed to award an ex aequo prize in this category, for the detailed and elaborate design process underlying the project. They also valued the research process made in collaboration with the neighbours. For its commitment to social space design for the neighbourhood’s residents, resulting in an inclusive design that blurs the boundary between public and private space.

‘A peu de carrer’, Eloi Sánchez.

The Ultimate self(ie)‘, Elisabet Català.
Tutors: Saúl Baeza, Oscar Tomico y Lluís Sallés

For addressing such a current issue among Generation Z through an intelligent and humorous approach, without losing the serious and rigorous background. For its detailed scientific approach, translated into the teleshopping imaginary discourse. And, finally, for encouraging reflection on the social phenomenon that is the selfie, with a fresh and amusing tone.

‘The Ultimate self(ie)’, Elisabet Català

Onux‘, Elisava Racing Team.
Tutors: Pau Romagosa, Abert Sosa, Miquel Tejero y Marta Janeras

For the innovative nature of this project. The Jury highlights the possibility of removing the welding process used in electric batteries by a clipping process, which facilitates the repair, reuse and recycling of the product, whose growth and development are exponential.

‘Onux’, Elisava Racing Team
Special mention Technology

Trustto‘, Angela García, David Sancho, Garazi Diaz, Eva Palmer, Mei Xen Bertranpetit y Julia Román.
Tutors: Francesc Mestres, Miquel Tejero y Martin Koch

For understanding engineering as an agent of change through which social projects can be developed to face the social and humanitarian urgency in which we live. For developing a great TFG as a start-up where each team member has dealt with a specific topic, to present a functional prototype through a crowdfunding campaign. And for presenting a device that can be reused in many rescues, reducing its environmental impact.

‘Trustto’, Angela García, David Sancho, Garazi Diaz, Eva Palmer, Mei Xen Bertranpetit and Julia Román

The Audience Award, voted this year by a total of 1800 people via Easypromos website, has been given to the project A peu de carrer by Eloi Sánchez, which has obtained 165 votes.

A peu de carrer, Eloi Sánchez
Award for the Best Academic Record

The student with the Best Academic Record in the academic year 2021-2022 is Eloi Sànchez Rivas, who received the award from Marta Tudurí-Quevedo, the student that won the Prize for the Best Academic Record in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Eloi Sànchez Rivas and Marta Tudurí-Quevedo