The ei! 2021 Awards highlight the best Final Degree Projects at Elisava

Created a decade ago with the aim of stimulating creativity and promoting the academic careers of young designers trained at Elisava, the ei! Awards have celebrated their 10th edition, highlighting the best Final Degree Projects of the 2020-21 graduating class.

This year’s edition has awarded up to seven projects, whose authors received the prize in the framework of an on-site Graduation Ceremony – the first one post-pandemic – at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB).

This year’s Jury was made up of:

  • Amaia Celaya, Director of Elisava’s Master in Design for Resilience
  • Enric Puig, Director of Arts Santa Mònica
  • Mireia Escobar, Director of the Design Hub Barcelona – DHUB
  • Xavier Martínez, Co-founder and CEO of BCN3D Technologies
  • Javier Peña, Chief Executive and Scientist from Elisava

The members of the Jury have selected a winning project in the Human, Materials, Society and Technology categories, and two projects in the Information category. They are the following:

Winning projects


Aroma‘, Tomàs Cano (Undergraduate Degree in Design/a>, Product Mention). Tutor: Martín Azúa

For developing this project to perfection in an elegant, subtle and exquisite way. For putting smell in first place as a sense, when in general it is the most forgotten sense. For finding a perfect balance between form and content, generating emotions in the person. This project has a very complete holistic approach that can also be applied to people with olfactory problems.

‘Aroma’, Tomàs Cano


Matter make design‘, Marta Gómez de Gispert (Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering , Mention in Product Design). Tutor: Jessica Fernández

For the innovative nature of this project, which has a very high degree of innovation. The Jury agrees that it has a great future, as it offers many possibilities to explore and apply. In addition, it also values very positively the fact that this speculative product has been worked as an element that can provide identity to the user, creating a weareable-jewel that embellishes the person.

‘Matter make design’, Marta Gómez de Gispert


La imagen del género‘, Júlia Pérez (Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation, Mention in Interactive Experiences). Tutor: Raúl Goñi

The Jury highlights this work for delving into a topic that is currently very present in society and for proposing an alternative to the binarism of gender, sex and sexual/romantic attraction. The platform created by Júlia can be expanded and extrapolated to many different needs and formats, as well as opening a debate to apply it to other spheres of social life.

‘The image of gender’, Júlia Pérez


‘Reticular system for the materialisation of multicultural identities’, Hannah Adib (Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation, Product mention). Tutor: Danae Esparza

For carrying out a very original, significant and meaningful personal project. For the way in which she has materialized her own identity with a low tech positioning and obtaining a very artisanal outcome. The Jury values very positively the methodology followed and the design process carried out, which can be extrapolated to many other fields, such as the reconstruction of relations between countries, collectives…

‘Reticular system for the materialisation of multicultural identities’, Hannah Adib

Copies: Degeneration and integration‘, Daniel Verano (Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation, Graphic Mention). Tutors: Oscar Tomico, Saúl Baeza, Lluís Sallés

For generating a debate on copying and cloning through graphic design and asking what value this practice has in society, when it always has a negative connotation. The form and execution of the project, which uses unusual and different formats and materials, is another highly valued point by the Jury.

‘Copies: Degeneration and integration’, Daniel Verano


Roderma‘, Cèlia Marquès (Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering , Mention in Product Development). Tutor: Francesc Mestres

For executing this project to perfection at a technical and engineering level, which could be implemented right now in health centres and hospitals. Cèlia has worked on a product to carry out less invasive medical interventions and improve people’s wellbeing, with an immediate and viable commercial outlet.

‘Roderma’, Cèlia Marquès

ei! Audience Award

‘Dayna EVO’, Ferran Santos, Miquel Comas, Francesc Blanquet, David Valls, Mateu Tur, Àlex Garcia, Alejandro Fernández, Guillermo Cortijo (Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering  and <Simultaneous Studies). Tutors: Marta Janeras, Pau Romagosa, Albert Sosa, Miquel Tejero

Open and online voting through the Easypromos platform.

The Elisava Racing Team has worked with the aim of continuing to develop Dayna, the motorbike of the previous edition, and to go one step further with Dayna EVO, the first rescue and assistance service at sporting events that combines a 100% electric all-terrain motorbike, an IoT connection and a medical service capable of reaching wherever it is needed, maximizing safety, comfort and respect for nature.

‘Dayna EVO’, Ferran Santos, Miquel Comas, Francesc Blanquet, David Valls, Mateu Tur, Àlex Garcia, Alejandro Fernández, Guillermo Cortijo