The ADI 2022 Awards recognize Elisava’s projects ‘Balisa’, ‘Photodermis’ and ‘Material Designers’

Last Wednesday, the ADI 2022 Awards, organised by ADI-FAD, were awarded. Attained under the Barcelona Design Week, these prizes form the main awards in the field of industrial and product design in Spain.

Among the awarded are several projects from Elisava, such as the ADI Gold and Silver Medals for the projects of Elisava alumni Ariadna Sala (Balisa) and Gemma Morell (Photodermis), respectively.

Elisava has also received two ADI Culture Awards, which recognise projects that value design culture, and which this year have been included in the European project Material Designers (ADI Culture Gold) and the social and collective initiative Disseny per a la Inclusió (ADI Culture Silver + ADI Culture of Opinion). We go through the details below:

Gold ADI Medal ex aequo

Project: Balisa
Design: Christmas Room
Tutor: Danae Esparza Lozano

Jury’s verdict: This project visualizes the issue of child sexual abuse. Combining real experiences with professional knowledge, it presents a collection of customizable pieces adapted to each user and situation. It is accompanied by an attractive and rupturing graphic communication.

Silver ADI Medal

Project: Photodermis
Design: Gemma Delgado Morell
Tutor: Jessica Fernández Cano, Francesc Ribot Puntí

Jury’s verdict: A theoretical-scientific speculative research that provides a sustainable vision of the fashion world and proposes an innovative use of digital manufacturing. It addresses collective commitment and raises questions in the service of technological and social rethinking.

Gold ADI Culture Award

Project: MaDe – Designer Materials
Responsible: Laura Clèries, Valentina Rognoli & Seetal Solanki
Entities: Elisava Research / Politecnico di Milano / Ma-tt-er
Category: Research and Experiment Projects

MaDe is a project co-financed by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme that drives young talent towards circular economies. MaDe is a training platform, an award and an activity program that highlight the positive impact designers have on the alternative creative industry. Material designers can redesign, reform, reuse and redefine materials by giving them a completely new purpose. They can investigate, advise, educate and disseminate materials from the immediate, near and distant future, implementing positive social, economic, political and environmental change on all sectors.

Silver ADI Culture Award + ADI Opinion Culture

Project: Design for inclusion. Process as a result
Curator: Anaïs Esmerado
Entities: Association Ojalá Projects, Museum of Design of Barcelona, Bau, Elisava, LCI, ESDAP, Idem, UOC, Intress, TEB Barcelona, ASIB, Metzineres
Category: Research and Experiment Projects

This project creates and implements innovation and design models to reflect and alleviate social and environmental inequalities through participatory processes between design pupils and vulnerable people. The objective is to identify needs, promote empathy and promote design as the driving force for integration. The starting point is academic research that provides new solutions by promoting inclusive synergies and working from a different paradigm. The project thus emphasises the process as a framework for learning and promoting sensitivity to young people, who are future members of society.

Jury’s rating: The project promotes collaboration between educational centres and people’s entities with situations of vulnerability. It proposes solutions from a social dimension of design and seeks to support new generations of designers and to decouple the design of the elite.

The 172 selected and winners will be displayed in the “Best Design of the Year” exhibition, which can be visited in the Barcelona Design Hub until August the 28th.