The 11th edition of the Elisava Masters Awards recognizes the best Masters and Postgraduate projects

The 11th edition of the Elisava Masters Awards rewards the excellence and creativity of Elisava students, highlighting the best projects from the school’s Master’s and Postgraduate programs. This initiative has once again been very positively received this edition, with the participation of a total of 67 nominated works.
On July 24, 2023, the Jury of the 11th edition of the Elisava Masters Awards has met, made up of:

As every year, the Audience Award has also been awarded, after an online vote open to all audiences.

Winning projects Elisava Masters Awards – Graphic Design Category (ex aequo):

‘Mariposas en el estómago’, Miguel Alonso
Master in Editorial Design

This book allows the reader to judge for himself the different robberies that have happened throughout history until today. With the purpose of “preventing you from stealing from your mother”, this work places people as the true storytellers so that they can contribute their point of view and creativity.

Elisava Masters Awards – Graphic Design Category (ex aequo):

‘Barbecho’, David Sancho
Master in Illustration and Comics

‘Barbecho’ is a hybrid between a comic and a book that illustrates the Spain of a few decades ago, now emptied and forgotten. Through the prism of Emilio’s character, the public can face the duel for the contradictions of these landscapes with the modern world.

Elisava Masters Awards – Communication Category:

‘Malasangre’, Sole Gil-Nagel, Martin Cabellero, Irving Marín, Alexis Ruiz, Ana Sánchez, Oscar Omar, Ignacio Gomez
Master in Audiovisual Creation and Direction

For telling a story so real and serious at the same time, ‘Malasangre’ is a short film that denounces evictions in Spain and the extremely serious situations that they cause. This short tells the story of love and reality between a mother and a daughter who find themselves in an eviction situation.

Elisava Masters Awards – Communication Category (Special Mention):

‘Synthetic memories’, Pau Garcia
Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Design and Communication

This thesis investigates the application of generative artificial intelligence (GEN-AI) to create synthetic memory for the elderly. The research focuses on the creation of memories for the assisted people, facilitating the emotional connection. The study combines different aspects such as digital technology, the experience of professionals, linguistic stimuli or personal stories.

Elisava Masters Awards – Space Design Category:

‘Aguait’, Lorna Mulero, Iakovina Syrianou, Maria Font, Silvia Campanini, Paola Sala, Renata Bricio, Francesca Moroni, Hong-Kuan Wang, Shayda Alsharif, Daan Daniels, Ilayda Celep, Melanie Leon, Nayeli Mendez, Luisa Mextorf, Abdelrahman Zahraan
Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces

By bringing us closer to nature in such an organic and sensitive way, “Aguait” is an ephemeral device to get closer to the banks of the Mediona-Riudebitlles river, in Alt Penedès. This installation makes it possible to discuss water from different perspectives, both cultural, technical, social and recreational, and thus promote actions to protect such a fragile and precious resource. For intensifying all our perceptions of nature, from the song of the birds to the changes in natural light.

Elisava Masters Awards – Product Design Category:

‘Airflow’, Mikel Smithers, Aitor Arkarazo, Maiara Reisdorfer, Pablo Sacristán, Germán Hernández
Master in Product Design and DevelopmentPostgraduate in Product Development

For providing a much-needed solution to the classic spirometer that is currently out of use in hospitals such as the Clínic. ‘Airflow’ is a portable, easy-to-use and efficient device for pulmonary rehabilitation in patients who have suffered a total or partial collapse of the lung. For having taken into account conditions so well resolved as a progressive therapy, as well as an app to control the stored data.

Elisava Masters Awards – Audience Award:

‘Infame’, Alba Murias, Cesar Mestre, Claudia Catalina Obaid, Delfina Conde, Javiera Maite Lorca
Master in Design and Art DirectionPostgraduate in Art Direction

The title “Dressing a Perfume” transports you to Paris, to luxury and beauty. The students have loaded all this and have created “Infame”. A post-party essence that saves you from your shitty smell and helps you pretend that you haven’t been partying for more than 12 hours. It is portable, useful and disposable, easy to apply, perfect for when you have a family meal and you don’t have time to go home.