Pau Romagosa

Professor of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

He has extensive experience in research and innovation, project development, from concept to production, cost analysis, manufacturing validation, multidisciplinary equipment, suppliers and outsourcing. Presentation of the product.

He has worked as a research and innovation engineer in different companies, including “Scutum, SILENCE” and “Benseny SAU”. As a professor, he has directed and tutored different TFG. As a student, he was awarded the “ei” prize for the best final degree project in product design (STEPLUX patented it). He was part of the ” Elisava -ETSEIB” team in the “SMART MOTO CALLAGER” project, and later he participated in the “Student’s Scieentific Conference SNTK 2013” invited by the “Moscow State University Emgeneering (MAMI)” in Moscow.

He currently works at “GPA INNOVA” as research and innovation chief engineer, where he has collaborated on different patents, highlighting the “RESPIRA” respirator for sanitary use that was successfully developed to deal with the first wave of Covid-19.