Oriol Miró

Professor of the Degree in Design

Oriol Miró Genovart (Barcelona 1969) has worked in his own calligraphy and typography studio since 1994. Graphic designer (Escola Elisava, 1993), Chemical industrial technical engineer (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 1997) and BA in Arts (University of Southampton, 2012). His work includes collaborations and assigments for advertising agencies, graphic designers, museums, media, social media and publishers. He does logos, headlines, headers, long composition texts, diplomas, murals, wall calligraphy, movie titles, books, book covers, among others.

He has taught calligraphy and typography classes at the Escola Elisava since 1995. Since 2015 he has been the chief coordinator and teacher of the Calligraphy Department at the Escola Visions de Barcelona, including three levels of calligraphy: Calligraphy course for beginners (BCC 30h), Course of general calligraphy (GCC 204h) and Advanced Calligraphy Diploma (ACD 51h). Since 2008, and twice a year, he runs his own calligraphy retreats and intensive courses near Barcelona.

As a graphic design student at Elisava, Oriol fell in love with calligraphy and decided to dedicate himself to it during all his life. His letter’s vision is always structural and spatial, and never decorative. Obsessive of letters, counterforms, papers, brushes and all kinds of pens. His position is passionate and he cannot conceive a single day without handwriting.