Mariana Eidler, PhD

Study Abroad director

PhD in Food Design from the University of Lisbon, Mariana Eidler works and researches around food and its relationship with Gastronomy, Industry and Design. In the academic field, she has collaborated with Elisava, where she is currently responsible for the Food Design area and director of the international Study Abroad program. She is also a teacher and responsible for the Final Degree Projects in Food Design.

Creative art director, food-designer, teacher and researcher, she has worked in New York with Milton Glaser and has founded in Barcelona, to bring a global service to companies in the world of design. She works in food-design, graphic design and transdisciplinary design creating projects that are social and sustainable. She has been awarded a grant by the Generalitat de Catalunya for the development of creativity abroad and her work has been recognized at the New York Festival, Laus Awards, International Design Awards and Clap Platinum.

Graduated in Design at Elisava and in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, she has a Master in Pedagogical Orientation at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. She has a Master in Identity and Photography from Parsons University in New York and a Master in Communication from Elisava.