Manuela Valtchanova, PhD

Professor of the Undergraduate Degree in Design

Manuela Valtchanova is an architect ( UACEG, Sofia and TUM, Munich, 2015), PhD cum laude at the University of Barcelona, Department of History and Theory of Art. Elisava Research and assistant professor at the Master of Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces, Elisava. After having collaborated in different architectural offices, she is currently working at the Barcelona based studio Queralt Suau, exploring the transversal design practices centered on the interaction of space, time and narrative.

She has an academic experience as a teacher assistant at several university workshop formats and innovation labs. Presently, in the frame of the research group Design & the City of Elisava, she is developing different projects, treating topics of ephemeral architecture, operative cartography and social cohesion. One of the main interests of her PhD investigation are the critical transactions between the contemporary artistic practices and the transformative urbanism and architecture.