Mª Rosario Hernández

Academic coordinator of the Degrees in Design and Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor’s degree in Technical Architecture and Building Construction, UPC (1990) and Graduated in Science and Technology of Building, URL (2010). Master of Real Estate and Mortgage Valuations, UPC (1992), Master’s Degree in Design and Communication, ELISAVA (2010) and has been trained in areas such as Feng Shui applied to architecture and has also taken a Master’s degree in Neurolinguistic Programming.

Mª Rosario Hernández is Academic Coordinator of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and of the Degree in Design, as well as professor in the subject of Design Techniques for Space. She also is Equality Agent. She has held the position of Head of Area and Academic Coordinator and taught Technical Architecture in several construction subjects. She has been a guest member of the Bachelor’s thesis panel in the Technical Architecture University of the UPC and the URL.

Her professional experience as a Technical Architect includes collaborations in ATHM2 as a technician responsible for the economic control of works, in architectural firms such as P + SP Arquitectos, Josep Zazurca, where she has developed residential projects and equipment.

She has also been responsible for the appraisal department of the company Invercame S.A. Appraisal Society, and deputy director of the department in the Oficina Técnica R.P.