Jordi Ros

Professor of Study Abroad, of the Master’s Degree in Illustration and Comics and of the Master in Design and Product Development


Jordi Ros is a designer and illustrator currently based in Barcelona. Jordi has a Bachelor Degree in Product and Graphic Design, and an Masters Degree in Illustration from Elisava.

Commercially, Jordi has a special focus on developing concepts which brands can use to launch new products, service or engage with their audience in new and interesting ways. He is especially interested in packaging, editorial work, such as covers for different publications and books, the music industry and advertising, as well as crossing boundaries between product and illustration.

Jordi’s commercial illustration is marked by his strong belief in developing a continuously experimental and personal practice. He enjoys creating deep narratives in what for him is a very intimate process of sharing his views and thoughts on certain subjects. He is particularly influenced by the world of classic eastern animation, folklore and art, as well as spiritual and religious imagery.

His recent clients include Adidas, Nike, Vice, Bloomsbury, Netflix, Bandai, Random House, Virgin Atlantic, Superplastic, Devil Toys & Odooki, amongst others.