Joan Achon

Professor of the Degree in Design

I am Joan Achon, born in Barcelona in the early 80s. Bola de Drac, Willow, Star Wars and Penguin Adventure shaped my DNA from a very young age and linked me to the audiovisual world for life.

Always connected with the plastic arts, I was training in the fields of design, animation, 3D, interaction and storytelling.

Together with my partners and fellow sufferers, fresh out of university, I founded the design and animation studio Els Altres. Over time, and seeing that life was offering me new challenges and opportunities, I founded, together with new and old partners, the studio The Others.

We like to define The Others as a global studio, with a clear multidimensional and multidisciplinary vocation, where we use design and motion graphics to help brands, institutions, companies and friends to develop any type of idea, project or creative requirement that they may need.

I am passionate about knowing what’s on in the minds of young creatives from Barcelona and that’s why, for more than 8 years, I have combined my professional activity with the world of teaching.