Bernat Faura

Professor of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Bernat Faura is a Technical Engineer in Industrial Design (Elisava, UPF), a Materials Engineer (UAB) and an Industrial Designer (Massana). He also completed a Master’s Degree in Design and Communication (UPF).

He is the Plumartis study co-head, where they generate and develop products focused on the user, but based on respect for the Environment, and where he is an expert and advises different companies.

His goal is to generate products that work at all levels: social, economic, sustainable and obviously usability. He defines himself as a “problem solver”.

Since 2010 he has combined the pedagogical work at the University with his job as a design professional, where he has worked in different leading companies in the territory.

He is also passionate about the new pedagogical currents, which is why he is doing a doctorate (UPC) to incorporate advanced knowledge through innovative methodologies in pre-university centres.