Andrés Colmenares

Director of the Master’s Degree in Design for Responsible Artificial Intelligence

For more than a decade, Andrés Colmenares (Bogotá, Colombia. 1982) has been helping citizens and organizations make better decisions by using futures as tools for anticipation, participation and collaborative learning. At the same time, he researches, networks and curates conferences and conversations on the socio-ecological impacts of digital technologies and infrastructures.

In his role as strategist, curatorial designer and creative foresight consultant, he has led projects and developed collaborations with organizations such as NESTA, Mobile World Capital Foundation, WeTransfer, Tate, Red Bull, University of Arts London and BBC.He is co-founder, with Lucy Black-Swan, of the IAM Creative Research Lab, where for seven years he has curated, organized and presented IAM Weekend, the annual community-driven gathering for creative professionals seeking to collectively rethink the future of the internet.

He is also co-director of The Billion Seconds Institute, a lifelong learning initiative to reimagine the digital economy, launched in 2021.He has also contributed opinion pieces and short fiction to publications such as CRACK Magazine, Branch Magazine, The Site Magazine and LS:N Global, The Future Laboratory’s insights platform, and books such as Postnations (2021) and Design Does (2018).