Noel Díaz

Professor and Head of the Graphic and Prototyping Workshops

Bachelor of Art (Product, context and users) - Winchester School of Art University of Southampton
Advanced technician of Visual Arts and Design – Llotja
Graduated in Industrial Design - ELISAVA

Collaboration with ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering since 1996.
Professor on projects, expression and representation, methodology, techniques and processes, Workshops and internships.
Coordinator of 1st, 2nd and 4th year of the Degree in Design, 2010-13 and of International Relations, 2008-10

Freelance Industrial Designer since 1998.
Collaborator with IDD-Roca-Aplicca-Mètode-NewMedia-Enric Miralles-Whyart Project-Magma-Gala-GasGas-Talleres de las Indias… In charge of R+D in Product Development, Prototyping and Graphic Designer in EMS, 2001-07 and in IDD Ingeniería 1995-98