María José Araya León

Researcher in Elisava Research

Architect (University of Santiago de Chile, 2006), diploma in Ergonomics by the Industrial Engineering Department and in University Teaching by the same institution. In 2012 she obtains her Master's degree in "Industrial Design and Product Development" by the Politecnico di Milano.

In 2006, together with her professional activity as an architect and associate of the studio "Factos, Arquitectura y Diseño", starts working as a teacher at the degree in Industrial Design of the University Diego Portales (Chile) and at the School of Architecture of the University of Santiago de Chile. Currently she is an academic and a researcher at the degree in Technology in Design of the Technological Faculty and in Architecture of the University of Santiago de Chile.

She is a PhD candidate in the area of architecture of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, as well as in ELISAVA. In fact, in 2015 she starts to collaborate as an associate researcher in Elisava Research. Her main research areas focus on ergonomics and its relation with different environments and systems that shape is, as well as on inclusive design and the observation of biology in design processes.

Moreover, she leads and participates in different entrepreneurial and innovative projects, such as the link with the manufacturing industry at a regional level and the reinforcement of knowledge and innovative ecosystems of the different arts and professions, as well as the university as fundamentals of creative industries. Finally, she has collaborated with Chilean and Italian architectural studies, as well as performing her professional work in an autonomous way.