Course in Visual Explorations through Creative Coding

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This course is a sneak peek into creative coding, where you can explore how to create visuals with a new medium: code. Think of it as an icebreaker to meet a new way of thinking (coder), a new way of making (tinkerer). The ultimate goal is to try, fail, and explore the intricacies of programming through the aesthetic appeal of visual languages in a studio environment.

Aimed at

Designers who want to dig into some code while creating experimental visual outputs. People from other backgrounds are welcomed, and encouraged to identify their areas of interest in terms of visual design while exploring code as a new medium.

The course will have a fast pace, if you’re new to all programming languages, I highly recommend checking out CodeAcademy Free courses: Code Foundations Chapter 1 y Recommended P5js Fundamentals

Students must bring a laptop.

  • Learning the foundations of creative coding
  • Exploring historical and visual references for generative art
  • Getting familiar with the most versatile framework (P5js)
  • Tinkering with code
  • Programming visual outputs
  • Showcasing
  • Having fun!

Structure and content

The workshop is designed as a studio course, not just a coding class where the ultimate goal is to produce a visual result that we will exhibit and critique collaboratively. The structure of the course is defined by core conceptual concepts (Geometry, Random, Noise, and Playground) that will serve as a framework to introduce programming knowledge while creating using code.

  • Day 1: Geometry (Analog code & Foundations)
  • Day 2: Random (References & Loops)
  • Day 3: Noise (Parameters & Strategies)
  • Day 4: Playgroud (Build, Fail & Iterate)
  • Day 5: Sketch Exhibition & Project Critique

All in all, each day is focused on the core concepts above. We will start together with some coding and then experiment with the given structures and evolve them into individual projects. The depth can be adapted to your level of comfort, having access to more advanced resources if you wish.

Carla Molins-Pitarch (PhD)

Carla Molins-Pitarch PhD, MFA, is an experience designer, creative technologist, and researcher working in the intersection of design, technology, and science to bring a tangible instance to complex scientific concepts at the Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona. Former Marie Curie fellow researcher at ELISAVA (ChromDesign project), Barcelona School of Design & Engineering; doctoral researcher (GRECC & OCC) in science communication at Pompeu Fabra University (Spain); Design & Technology MFA ’19 Parsons, The New School (NY, USA). My practice has been centered on visualizing through haptic and interactive experiences those scientific concepts creating immersive experiences including kinetic-robotic objects that materialize abstract concepts such as dark matter and antimatter to provide learning and discovery.