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Variable Font Fantasies

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Although they form the basis of almost every commercially available variable font we can find, italic, optical size, slant, width and weight – the standard axes – are only a small part of what they can achieve. Looking at variable fonts as a tool for expression and animation, we can push the boundaries of the technology to create type (or any kind of vector drawing) that animates and behaves in original ways.

Who can apply

Graphic designers, type designers, illustrators.


It is necessary to have experience in vectorial drawing.

Elisava Summer School
Elisava Summer School


Starting from a self-defined concept, participants will sketch shapes (letters, illustrations, blobs) and visualize how they can use variation to morph and animate them in an expressive way. During the week, the participants will explore and understand the more advanced possibilities of variable font technology in connection to their projects. At the end, they will present a gallery of animated and static visualizations of the results.

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Elisava Summer School

Renan Rosatti

Renan Rosatti is a type designer from São Paulo, Brazil. After graduating from the TypeMedia master program in the Netherlands, he moved to Switzerland to join Dinamo in Basel. Now in the Berlin studio, Renan continues to expand Dinamo’s library and works on custom typefaces, spending the rest of his hours experimenting with code and stretching at the realm of variable possibilities.

Dinamo is a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. Founded in Basel, we operate via a network of satellite members across the globe, oscillating between commercial and cultural projects of varying scales. Members of Dinamo are visiting teachers at various art academies and have been invited to give workshops and lectures at a range of international institutions.