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Course in Trends & Brands & Culture

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In this program, you will learn how to do deep research into culture/audience and pull trends to generate meaningful insights/ ideas that will help a brand continue to be relevant.

Aimed at

Creatives, content Strategist, designers, marketing/communication specialist, brand strategist, anybody curious about culture and trends. Desirable skills: knowledge of design and/or art to interpret concepts and ideas.

Students must bring a laptop.


The trend analysis and research that is done in a brand’s audience are essential to give trend direction and insights for the creation of ideas/visions, concepts, content, designs and strategies that are relevant to the brand and its audience. This course will allow you to work more cohesively and bring more innovative and engaging insights and ideas to the creative process.

Structure and content
1/ Trend Research: OBSERVE
  • Why We Analyse Trends: The Significance of Trend Research. Explore the purpose and value of trend analysis in the context of brands and culture.
  • Cultural Observation: Unveiling Insights into Society. Delve into the practice of observing and understanding the broader cultural landscape.
  • Where to Find Trends: Navigating the Sources of Inspiration. Identify the diverse channels and platforms where emerging trends can be discovered and tracked.
2/ Trend Analysis: SYNTHESISE
  • Relevance to Our Audience: Aligning with Brand Aesthetics and Philosophy. Understanding the importance of aligning trend analysis with the brand’s core aesthetics and philosophy to resonate with the target audience.
  • Application of Trend Analysis: Focusing on Impact Areas. Exploring the strategic areas where trend analysis can be applied effectively, including product design, content creation, lifestyle considerations, consumer insights, campaign strategies, touch points for the audience, and more.
3/ Trend briefs: FOCUS
  • Selecting a Company: Navigating the Choice of Brand. Choosing a specific company to focus on and exploring how your research and trend analysis will be directly applicable to that company’s context.
  • Generating Insights and Ideas for Relevance: Bridging the Gap with Culture. Crafting innovative ideas and insights to help the selected company maintain relevance and establish a meaningful connection with prevailing cultural trends.
4/ Creative process: INSIGHTS/IDEAS
  • Enriching the Creative Process with Trend Insights. Examining how trend analysis and reports can enhance the creative process, ensuring alignment with brand objectives.
  • Balancing Data and Intuition: Creative Innovation. Weighing the importance of data-driven insights against creative intuition, emphasizing the role of intuition in pushing the brand forward.
  • From Creative Briefs to Final Deliverables. Ensuring Trend Reports are Practical and Actionable for the Company, Not Merely Inspirational.
5/ Evaluation
  • Final Submission
  • References and tools used

Laura Pedrol

My name is Laura, I am a creative strategist and I work with brands and creative agencies giving trend direction and insights for the creation of concepts, content, designs and strategies that are relevant to the brand and its audience.