Narrative and Brand Image Course

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Creating a unique and differentiating brand discourse is quite a challenge. But making it coherent and relevant without losing its essence, even more so.

The objective of this course is to learn how to create and give value to a brand by working from its concept, its narrative and, also, its image that is projected at the different points of relationship and contact with its audiences, taking into account the versatility and transversality to the one that is faced both in different media, devices and platforms as well as in various actions, experiences or products.

Aimed at

Professionals and those interested in the world of branding and communication to help their projects (or the brands or companies they work for) to define and develop their own identity.


Basic knowledge and a strong interest in creativity, storytelling and branding. Students must bring a laptop.

  • Defining and create value for a brand.
  • Establishing your strategy and identity.
  • Knowing the different communication and sales channels of a brand as well as its audience to get the most out of it.
  • Defining a visual system that allows coherence and uniformity to be provided to your image and speech, as well as scalability and versatility to adapt to different channels.
  • Defining a uniform and differentiating brand narrative to achieve the desired brand awareness.

Structure and content

We will approach the content of the course from the following core ideas throughout the 5 days of duration.


Brands live together in a specific context, they compete in an environment increasingly saturated and must determine a direction. Which strategy they should define and how they have to perform will be the key to this first idea.


What does a brand express? Which values and concepts does it represent? How do we work with it to achieve the marked goals? We will answer these questions and illustrate them with real-life examples.


The visual component of every product, service or experience defines the memory of the brand. How is a concept linked to the image of a brand?


The story behind a brand and how it is communicated is key to define a coherent, own and distinguished speech.


There is no narrative or image without brand experience. How do we make it memorable?

Maite del Mundo

Brand & Marketing Director. Co-founder of the agency Creatique and teacher at Elisava. Graduate in Industrial Design (Elisava) and Marketing and Commercial Management (ESIC). Specialised in branding to help companies create a brand and connect with their audience. She has worked for brands such as Eight & Bob, Puig, Roca, Swarovski, Seat, Aston Martin, Carrera y Carrera, Beam Suntory, Mary Kay, Hermès and Façonnable.