Lighting and Space Experimental Workshop

Perception, light and space

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In the world of architecture and design, one of the important aspects is the integration of lighting in the project, often depending on the success of the final project.

This workshop physically experiments with light in order to bring the student closer to the potential of this subject. It begins with the approach of a generic space for which a lighting strategy must be conceptualized. This will be investigated throughout the workshop working on a scale model with the components, materials and types of lighting that are deemed appropriate to investigate the idea and finally obtain the desired results. The solution is then presented in a graphic presentation.

The workshop ends with the concept presentation on the initial approach and unveiling the model to all colleagues. The project throughout the course is carried out in groups.

Aimed at

Designers, architects, artists, engineers, inquisitive students/professionals who want to incorporate the language and use of lightning and space. Participants must have spatial interpretation capacity.

Needed material

Laptop and drawing material. It is recommended to have installed the Photoshop programme in the laptops.

  • Knowing the environment and references of the lighting project
  • Knowing and experimenting with the basic principles of lighting
  • Experimenting with lighting components (Lamp/Driver/Reflector)
  • Experimenting the interaction of light with matter
  • Interacting with and shape light
  • Investigating the spatial perception that each light model generates
  • Putting into practice the layout and communication of the lighting concept to later share it
  • Teamwork

Structure and content

This experimental workshop counts with 3 differentiated spaces. The first one is an introduction to lightning applied to space, bringing the students closer to current lightning technologies, working with basic learning of its use, its comprehension, as well as lightning’s tools, control and manipulation.

The second creative and practical workshop, in which we explore and visualize in situ the conceptualisation of imaginary space, and the third one is a recollection of information to make a presentation about the creative process carried out, together with the final outcome. The graphic presentation and the mock-up are exhibited to the rest of colleagues and an external professional in the final exhibition.

Birgit Walter

Birgit Walter began her career as a Lighting Designer more than twenty years ago in New York and has since worked on notable projects around the world, including master plans, landscaping, contract, retail, museums and exhibition spaces, among others.

In 2001 Birgit founded BMLD, an independent lighting design studio based in Barcelona, in charge of projects such as the W hotel and the Mnac in Barcelona, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai or the Diagonal Mar Shopping Center, among others.

Mariel Fuentes

Mariel Fuentes, architect and urbanist, with a Master’s Degree in Interior Design, specialised in architectonical lightning design. After working for 10 years in other studios, she founded together with Michela Mezzavilla MMAS Lighting in 2016, a lightning design studio based in Barcelona. Currently, she is a member of IALD’s (International Association of Lighting Design) management board and the president of the Professional Association of Lightning Designers – APDI in Spain.

She combines her job as a designer with and director of MMAS Lightning with. She has a large local and international experience with working in different types of projects. Her work has been recognised with awards such as IALD Awards, Lamp Awards, and Bienal Illuminet.