Creative Project Management Course

How to properly manage your work activity in a creative context

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This course covers in 5 days what we, the professionals who teach it, would have liked to learn before starting our professional activity.

Entirely based on our practice after more than 15 years in the creative sector, the course gathers contents and activities that will allow you to learn the necessary tools and processes to execute a creative project efficiently and successfully, to improve productivity and make everyday life simpler, more orderly and more profitable, or to value and quote your work to establish an appropriate price for your products and services, among other aspects.

In short, a course designed for you to learn how to evaluate your projects and processes and keep improving day by day while still enjoying the creative process.


No knowledge of the subject is required. However, it is recommended that, when starting the course, the student is in either of these situations:

  • Working as an employee or self-employed.
  • Thinking about starting their project soon.
Who it is aimed at?

Freelancers and creative entrepreneurs who want to learn the rules of the market and work on their go-to-market strategy.

Creatives or project managers, whose creativity is key, who want to professionalise their work activity and their current positions for future internal promotion.

Creators (in any creative field: interior designers, designers, illustrators, art directors, photographers, animators) and creative professionals in general who intend to start a business activity with optimal management.

Students of creative disciplines who want to approach the labour market and learn how to work with the necessary tools to access it.

  • Know your client (internal or external depending on the type of activity you carry out, self-employed or freelance) to make better decisions and approach your project properly.
  • Communicate with your client and team more efficiently thanks to protocols and guidelines.
  • Quantify and assess your value proposition to create budgets that give you adequate return.
  • Know and understand what type of collaboration agreement you will need to establish depending on the product or service provided.
  • Understand and use tools for team planning and project management.
  • And all of this in alliance with technology through different tools that will make your day-to-day management easier.

If you want more information about the Creative Project Management Course download the brochure here:

Maite del Mundo

Brand & Marketing Director. Co-founder of the agency Creatique and teacher at Elisava. Graduate in Industrial Design (Elisava) and Marketing and Commercial Management (ESIC). Specialised in branding to help companies create a brand and connect with their audience. She has worked for brands such as Eight & Bob, Puig, Roca, Swarovski, Seat, Aston Martin, Carrera y Carrera, Beam Suntory, Mary Kay, Hermès and Façonnable.

Cristina Latorre

Strategic & UX Design Manager. Co-founder of the agency Creatique and teacher at Elisava. Graphic designer and Master in Design and Illustration (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). She has more than 12 years of experience in art direction and branding, having collaborated with brands such as Aston Martin, Beam Suntory, Mary Kay and FOX.

Alicia Arteaga

Design Manager. Devoted to the conception and development of creative projects since she graduated in 2005 as an industrial designer at Elisava. She currently manages the company Balvi Gifts with a multidisciplinary profile that gives her a holistic vision of all areas of the company’s development: design, marketing, production, distribution and logistics.