Art Direction in Digital Media Course: Visual Narrative Workshop

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In a context driven by image, it is increasingly important to know how to visually configure ideas; although it is not an easy task.

That is why Art Direction is a field in constant evolution and intense demand. This discipline has the tools and methods to speak through images effectively. And a great part of these images is generated in the digital context.

In this workshop about visual narrative, we will walk through the theorical and practical bases of Art Direction, explore design and image generation with AI techniques, and we will put all this into practice with a strategic project with a musical tone.

Who it is aimed at?

Professional or amateur profiles related to design, communication and/or creativity with an interest in visual communication. Basic or intermediate comprehension of Adobe pack or other design tools is required. Students must bring a laptop.

  • Understand how to express ideas with images through art direction.
  • Incorporate the necessary tools to develop a comprehensive art direction proposal.
  • Understand the importance of conceptual development within a creative strategy.
  • Understand the creative context from the perspective of art direction.
  • Learn to use key software to develop a digital project.

Structure and content
  • Basics: Basis of art direction, tools and method.
  • Research: Keys to comprehend the visual field and visual references storage.
  • Conceptualisation: Tools to develop your capacity to create innovative ideas and creative solutions.
  • Expressive resources: Shortcuts to transform ideas into images, and define aesthetic formulas based on a message.
  • Digital design: Practices to train your design abilities with innovative and effective tools.

Lucía Colombo

Graduated in Communication from the Universidad de San Andrés and Master in Design and Art Direction from Elisava. She began her career as an editor in various print media in Argentina. In Barcelona, she collaborated with Jordi Cano in the production of original theory for art direction. After that, she worked at eumo_dc as a content manager. Today, she works as and art director and freelance creative. She is also a professor in Elisava and Shifta’s master’s degrees in communication. She also co-directs Shifta’s Master in Art Direction & Audiovisual Creativity and Elisava’s Master in Art Direction & New Narratives.

Beatrice Fiumi

Graduated in Product Design (ISIA FAENZA) and specialized in art direction and communication strategies (Master Elisava). She has worked in agencies such as Codea Studio or Kiwi Bravo. Today she works as an art director and creative director independently, in addition to being a professor in Shifta’s Master’s in Art Direction and Audiovisual Creativity and in Elisava’s Master’s in Art Direction and New Narratives.

Raquel Pallejà

Graduated in Graphic Design and Communication from BAU, Centro Universitario de Diseño and Master in Design and Art Direction from Elisava. After working as an art director and fashion photographer, she continues her professional career as a graphic designer at Firma. Later, she became part of Eumo, also participating as part of the teaching team of the Master in Art Direction of Elisava and Shifta. Today, she works as a Digital Product Designer at Mango.