Advanced Creativity: Disruption and Originality Course

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We live at high speed and in constant change, so flexibility and the ability to adapt to the environment using new ways of thinking will be a differential value, a maxim.

In an era characterised by uncertainty and vertigo, organisations have created immense machinery to innovate, while good ideas, which are their fuel, remain capriciously elusive. The acceleration brought about by digitalisation makes the proposed flows more and more fleeting, making the search for creative ideas more urgent.

Originality and hybridisation could be defined as disruptive ways of thinking where empowering the imagination generates new ideas and creates value to the design of new experiences. ****A disruption is that which produces an abrupt break or interruption of an existing model or information system.

Creativity is to unite separate and different things. Uniting, connecting, associating, merging, fusing, hybridising allows us to reach originality in order to be more creative and generate from other points of view.


Creativity is an energetic flow where reason and emotion interact to have the power to imagine. Being aware of this allows us to have total control of the creation and generativity of ideas. Making tangible that which is intangible, materialising ideas, turns us into generators.


Original ideas are what move the world. They surprise us, they attract us, they go beyond the expected, they capture our attention, they have the capacity to influence and they are generative because they stimulate our curiosity, they cross borders and generations and they transform and illuminate other ideas. In short, original ideas represent the genesis of new itineraries, giving rise to real family trees that propel the world forward.


Hybridisation is the action of creating new innovative products or services from the combination of other existing ones, it is the fusion between extremes, generating a hybrid, a third element with its own entity. Not only for products and services, it is also applicable to people, disciplines, professions and processes. It is one of the clearest formulas for innovation, since hybridising is, intrinsically, innovating.

Hybrid thinking addresses the multiple needs of the present time, the saturation and complexity of the present-future, while being the fastest way to originality.

Advanced Creativity: Disruption and Originality Course


The action plan goes from the individual to the collective, that is to say, in order for the group or the organisation to have creative tools to be able to innovate, it is first necessary to work with the people who make up the group. We will start with personal creativity and work our way up to multidisciplinary creativity and, in short, we will try to integrate disruptive and new concepts with pragmatism.

  • How can we be more creative?
  • How can we have more ideas with value?
  • What do we need to be more decisive?

Acquired competencies will be:

  • Fluency to generate a large number of ideas / solutions to any challenge in any area of personal or professional life.
  • Flexibility to look for different alternatives where, apparently, everything was already thought out.
  • Inner motivation that will enhance the natural creative profile above all.
  • Construction of new thinking structures.
  • Creation of order within chaos.

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Marc Segarra

Consultant and trainer in creativity and innovation. He has worked as an external consultant at Mango, as a Customer Experience at HP and as a creative trainer at Bombay Sapphire, among many other things. He was Co-creation Manager at a start-up incubator in Barcelona. He has been working in strategy and training for more than 15 years in the main schools and universities in Barcelona. He was founder of Micelulacreativa® and entrepreneur with Witerest. Graduate in Design by Elisava (UPF), Master in Multimedia Interface Design by Elisava and Master in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) by the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona. Studies in Transpersonal Psychology at the Centro Espiral. She also collaborated in the TV programme “Para Todos la 2” on Televisión Española. Her passion is to unite creativity and psychology, to be close to people and empower them in their creative processes.