Course in Advanced Creativity: Disruption and Originality in AI times

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In a world characterized by constant change and speed, flexibility and the ability to adapt are crucial. In this post-COVID era and with the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI), human creativity has evolved, and the generation of ideas is now focused on information systems that create them more than on creativity techniques. AI learns with information systems so we must learn to think differently from what we did before.

This course immerses itself in a new way of understanding creativity, taking inspiration from nature and the cosmos, taking things of the System Thinking, and applying said concepts to create information systems and to be able to create from disruption and originality. Students will learn a new way of thinking, much more extended. It is not a course to solve problems and find specific solutions to Design Thinking. It is neither a course in creativity techniques, it is a course to broaden the creative mentality for the future that is already here.

Originality and hybridisation are disruptive ways of thinking in a moment in which the astonishment curve falls on the Artificial Intelligence side more. Empowering imagination, new ideas and value are created through the design of innovative experiences. Disruption is defined as an abrupt interruption of an existing model or system of information, and creativity becomes the action of unifying, connecting, associating, joining, and hybridising to achieve originality.

Creativity in times of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We need much more than understanding how AI tools work, and to be perplexed with the obtained results with said technologies. We are in the beginning, but there is the risk of creativity becoming so operative that the creator can feel out of place. We need to deeply understand what will be our role in all this and understand that AI can work for us answering to our change of mentality.

Aimed at

It is directed to those who want to improve and strengthen their creative abilities, accept new and disruptive concepts, to challenge into a different way of thinking.

To students and professionals of different disciplines, entrepreneurs, communicators, and inquisitive minds will find great value in this innovative approach.

To people who need originality and disruption at this moment in their lives, who see creating ideas as a key principle that provides value, who want to acquire a new way of thinking to have more vision, to professionals (entrepreneurs, sales agents, journalists, communicators, investigators, marketing or social sciences professionals, architects, designers), to inquisitive minds who want to nourish their intellect and fulfill their desires of learning, to those who like to imagine and enjoy the power of human generation.

Advanced Creativity: Disruption and Originality Course


The action plan of the course develops from the individual to the collective, addressing personal creativity, learning to be creative. The skills acquired include fluency to generate ideas, flexibility to look for alternatives, inner motivation to enhance creativity, construction of new thinking structures and the creation of order within chaos.

  • Enlargement of perspectives: The course provides a new way of understanding creativity, focusing on information systems and algorithms to create ideas. Students will be able to broaden their vision of the potential of connecting and generating ideas within a topic.
  • Development of advanced abilities: Through innovative techniques and methodologies, students will acquire advanced abilities in creativity. They will learn to hybridise and transfer ideas, generating new experiences and concepts that mark the difference in their work.
  • Connection with purpose and intuition: the course promotes the importance of connecting with personal purpose and intuition when creating ideas. Participants will learn to use their creativity as a tool to deliver significant and authentic experiences.
  • Methodology inspired by nature: Through metaphors gathered from nature, such as a tree or a galaxy, students will learn to organize systems of information and find more knowledge and expertise in a specific topic or sector.
  • Practical application and tangible results: The course offers a practical approach, with an in-person session dedicated to expressing the obtained results. Participants will be able to employ the learned methodologies and see the results of their creativity in specific actions within the business sector.

Structure and content

The approach of the course is to create a new paradigm for creative people. This opens the students’ minds exponentially and facilitates them to move from being a creative person to becoming a creator with high generative capacity. This methodology has been put into practice successfully for more than 10 years due to its transformative power in the creative mind of an individual. To do so, sessions must be faced with a lot of coherence and consistency through the course methodology PURPOSE / MENTALITY / STRATEGY.

Students will be provided with a group-level-implemented methodology that they will be able to reapply and adapt to other professional projects or with a more personal approach to start or make high-level creative projects. A pre-installed methodology that will provide them with consistency, professionalism, and creative confidence.

25 on-site hours that are broadened with asynchronous or out-of-class content to increase on-site hours and to guarantee a professional level to design the ideation methodology and mentor all the processes.

Lastly, the methodology will be expressed in different formats (both physical and digital) that will provide the student with the capacity to see the multiple possibilities of said methodology. Students will, as a result, carry the methodology in different tools that will allow them to take creativity to the next level.

The course will teach students to:

  • Generate a great number of ideas and solutions fluently before any challenge in any ambit of the personal or professional life.
  • Develop flexibility to search different alternatives and solutions, including situations in which it seems that everything is thought.
  • Cultivate internal motivation to strengthen their creative natural profile and apply them in any context.
  • Build new thought structures that allow them to face problems and opportunities from innovative perspectives, with a new vision.
  • Learn to create order in chaos, effectively organizing ideas and concepts.
  • Comprehend and apply concepts such as hybridization and transversality as vehicles for generating innovative ideas.
  • Recognise the importance of training multidisciplinary teams of high creative performance that transform ideas into specific and successful projects.
  • Develop the capacity to create experiences that stimulate and encourage creativity, generating valuable ideas.
  • Integrate creativity in the business context and learn to apply it in different aspects of the organization, contributing to long-term innovation and success.

Marc Segarra

Consultant and trainer in creativity and innovation. He has worked as an external consultant at Mango, as a Customer Experience at HP and as a creative trainer at Bombay Sapphire, among many other things. He was Co-creation Manager at a start-up incubator in Barcelona. He has been working in strategy and training for more than 15 years in the main schools and universities in Barcelona. He was founder of Micelulacreativa® and entrepreneur with Witerest.

Graduate in Design by Elisava (UPF), Master in Multimedia Interface Design by Elisava and Master in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) by the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona. Studies in Transpersonal Psychology at the Centro Espiral. She also collaborated in the TV programme “Para Todos la 2” on Televisión Española. Her passion is to unite creativity and psychology, to be close to people and empower them in their creative processes.