Retail Design Course

Create a retail concept and develop ideas for a retailer starting from a brand identity and a marketing campaign


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Create a retail concept and develop ideas for a retailer starting from a brand identity and a marketing campaign



Carmen Malvar

Duration // Schedule

From June 29 to July 10 (25 hours)
From 4 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.






1.040 € (includes tuition only)

This is a course revolving around lectures, presentations and group discussions. The assigned projects will give students the opportunity to construct a working methodology that will teach them how to develop ideas that can be translated into retail interior proposals. 

The course will give students the opportunity to create a retail concept and develop ideas for    creating a retail environment for a retailer that currently does not have a retail concept, but does have a brand identity and marketing campaign. 

The goal will be to incorporate the information discovered about the company and to conceptually propose a retail shop that conveys the spirit of the corporation as well as incorporating the existing identity.

Class time will be spent on working with individual critiques, as well as group discussions, field trips to department stores / boutiques and lectures. There will be recommendations made on viewing exhibited works and suggested readings.

1. Retail a constant Renovation/ Retail Traditions

  • Retail as social activity
  • Demographic market
  • Trends and Traditions

2. Retail and Image. The brand Identity 

  • The role of the designer
  • Understanding the market
  • Crafting the message 

3. Accommodating new Technology 

  • New mechanisms of display 
  • Loyalty cards
  • In store screens  
  • Interactive kiosks. Self-service information
  • Movable display/storage systems. 

4. Wonderlands in Retail. Case studies by groups

5. Finding the sites/ The role of the shop

6. First Impressions. 

  • Storefronts 
  • Signage
  • Entrances

7. Circulation Patterns/Plan types

  • Point of sale/Fixture location
  • Flow and merchandising

8. Lighting & Retail Design

  • Ambient Lighting options 
  • Theater effects
  • New trends

9. Fixture Design and Visual Merchandising

  • Analysis of merchandising 
  • Exploring the brand 
  • Flexibility in fixture design.
  • Who is the protagonist?

Attendance is mandatory to all lectures.

Because the nature of this course, students will have an obligation to attend the lectures or they will miss many key discussions which will affect their understanding of the process of this course.

More than 2 unexcused absences will result in a lowered grade. Two lateness equals to an absence.

Carmen Malvar / Director

Carmen Malvar is the principal of Atelier Malvar +Tusch LLC, a studio based in NY, where she specializes in all aspects of Commercial Design Environments and Fashion Events. Carmen started her career projects in 1984. A few years later she joined Naomi Leff in New York and later was hired as a head architect at ZARA International. Her credits in Retail and Fashion include Helena Rubinstein Store and Spa, Camper Showrooms and offices in the USA and the rebranding of Bodybell Perfumeries in Spain.

She has also worked in the Construction Management of Mango Flagship stores, Tous, Desigual and Camper, as well as the design of more than sixteen stores for Zara International, where has been in charge of the shops prototype development for the expansion retailer (Inditex), and the brand creation and display concept for Amand in Mexico. She has collaborated in a regular basis with Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) and Trade Commission of Spain among others. Carmen has been responsible for the design and management of more than thirty stores worldwide and is a reference for those who approach retail design in any perspective.

Carmen widens her teaching experience lecturing in Spain, Latin America and USA about such varied topics as globalization through design, international expansion strategies or trends and consumption analysis. She also works as a professor at Universities like Elisava, in Barcelona, as Director of the Master Retail Design Program, Instructor at CSDS Pratt Institute New York and Fashion Institute of Technology NYC. Carmen is a PhD candidate at Southampton University, in the UK. Carmen lives and works between Barcelona, New York and Oaxaca.

Rut Martin

B.Sc degree in Architecture from UIC Barcelona, Rut Martin has worked in multiple private and public projects and collaborated in a Socio-Urbanistic project in Vietnam. In 2010, Rut has co-founded Advalua, a Personal-Shopper service for real estate, which led her to study Marketing and Social media and graduated her Master’s degree in Retail design and branding from Elisava in 2013. Rut has developed Retail Research projects for Brands as SONY, Brand books for international franchising, restaurants, store design and Pop Up stores.

She coordinates the Technology module of the Retail Design Master degree in Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. She also coordinates training courses for companies. She is the co-founder of MøøR Design Studio, a collaborative design team linked to Retail Design and new retail formats, digital events and Pop Up stores. Rut also collaborates with Atelier Malvar +Tusch LLC in NYC and with the CADA foundation developing research, documenting data and designing infographics for the platform

Some bibliography available at the School and websites:

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