Resolutive Creative Thinking


Marc Segarra

Duration // Schedule

22nd to 26th July 2019 (25 hours) // From 4 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.






520 €. Bold members of Elisava Alumni will enjoy a 15% reduction.

Creativity is an energetic flow where reason and emotion interact so as we have the power to imagine. If we are aware of this, we can have a total control in the creation and the ideas generation. To make tangible intangible things and to materialize ideas turns us into generators. Creativity consists in joining separate and different things. Joining, associating, fusing, and hybridizing. Hybridizing consists in creating new products and innovative services from other existing products. It is one of the clearest formulas to innovate and to provide value, 1+1=3.

The main reason it that it is far easier to innovate combining solutions that already work in the market than to start from scratch or to innovate radically. There are two possible ways to hybridize: combining products and / or services that already exist or coordinating or making professionals from different fields to interact, creating multidisciplinary teams: co-creation. 

Aimed at
People who want to have a global vision of creativity in order to improve and strengthen their creative abilities in a decisive way, with a certain degree of openness to accept new disrupted concepts. Professionals, enterprising, businessmen, journalists, communicators, researchers, marketing professionals, social sciences, architects, designers and general public.

Material needed
The Summer School course will provide all kinds of materials for the execution of the course. On the last day it will be necessary to bring a laptop to work as a team. There could be more than one laptop in each team.

The action plan goes from the individual to the collective; this means that the organization or the group has to work with the people that are part of the group so as to have creative tools to innovate. We will start for the personal creativity until we reach a multidisciplinary creativity, and, to sum up, the objective will be to integrate new and disrupted concepts with pragmatism.

  • How can we be more creative?
  • How can we have more valuable ideas?
  • What do we need to be more resolutive?

The pedagogical approach is the following:

  • Fluency to generate a great amount of ideas /solutions when facing any challenge in any sphere of personal or professional life.
  • Flexibility to search different alternatives where, apparently, everything was already conceived
  • Interior motivation that will promote your natural creative profile in any situation.  
  • Building new structures and an order in the chaos.

The Summer School course will teach the students:

  • Concepts such as hybridization, co-creation or transversality which are the vehicles that will lead us to innovative ideas.
  • Creativity techniques focused in people.
  • Creative strategies for generating ideas with a social value.
  • The importance of creating high-performance multidisciplinary teams that will turn the ideas into projects.
  • To create experiences that stimulate and develop creativity for the generation of valuable ideas.
  • To generate innovative ideas: original and relevant.
  • To use tools for creating new ideas for products and services.
  • To know how to integrate creativity within the enterprise context in different aspects.
  • To use hybridization  as a new value generator: ideas, products, brands, services, professionals.
  • To discover and to improve the creative and innovative capability to work in the organization.
  • To co-create so as to generate ideas in a participative way.
  • To learn how to divide in phases the best ideas through an attractive - effort m
  • The creativity paradigm shift.
  • How creativity has to be currently understood.
  • Creative conscience.
  • Basic concepts.
  • Creativity blocks.
  • Flexibility/transversality/connectivity.
  • The power of imagination.
  • Ideas transmutation: from chaos to order.
  • Creativity and assertiveness.
  • Object-ideas.
  • Tools for generating ideas.
  • Creativity focused in people / empathy map.
  • Design Thinking.
  • Techniques for generative creativity.
  • Hybridization  workshop for the creation of new products and/or services.
  • Results presentation.
  • Conclusions.

Marc Segarra
Consultant and trainer in creativity and innovation. He has worked as an external consultant for MANGO, as a Customer Experience in HP and as a creative trainer in Bombay Sapphire, among others. He was the co-creation manager in a startup hub in Barcelona. He has been working in training and strategy for more than 15 years in Barcelona's most important schools and universities. He founded Micelulacreativa® and run Witerest.

He graduated in ELISAVA's Bachelor's Degree in Design (UPF), Elisava's Master's Degree in Interfaces and Multimedia Design and a Master's Degree in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) in Institute Gestalt in Barcelona. Studies in Transpersonal Psychology at Centro Espiral. He made a television guest appearance in the Spanish Television program "Para todos la 2".

His passion is to gather creativity and psychology, to be close to people and empower them in their creative processes.


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