Lighting Design I


Birgit Walter and Ivan Bravo

Duration // Timetable

15th to 19th July 2019 (25 hours) // From 4 p.m. to 9.15 p.m. (the schedule could be altered in order to adapt to the showrooms)




Basic / Medium


520 €. The tuition for students enrolling both Lighting I + Lighting II is 900 €. Bold members of Elisava Alumni will enjoy a 15% reduction.

The aim of the course is to understand de importance of light in any architecture project and the way in which it affects the space perception.

The different modules will be worked through theory and practice, providing students with the necessity skills to understand light as another tool in the process of projecting and designing spaces.


Aimed at

Architects, interior designers, engineers and professionals related to design.

Profiles interested in the relationship of light and space.


Material needed

Laptop, camera / phone, colored pencils.


Required knowledge

Those of the before mentioned degrees.


Collaborating entities

To understand the importance of light in the design of any space and to work with it, using it since the beginning of the project.

El course programme is structured in different modules which will offer the basic illumination concepts:

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Module I. Light, perception and space

  • Introduction to light and lighting evolution through history.
  • Light nowadays: society, technology and art.
  • Practical workshop of light perception.


Module II. What is light?

  • Light theory and introduction to lighting parameters.
  • The principles of light perception in the space.
  • Practical exercise of light application in space.

Module III. Light perception. Workshop class in the theatre  


  • Practical appliance of light and perception concepts in a real space.
  • Light in the theatre: a real setting of light scenes.

Module IV. What is lighting? Workshop class in the LAMP Showroom

  • Identification of light resources and lighting distinction parameters, applied technology, optics and light. Practical workshop.

Module Va.

  • Light integration in architecture. Class in the Viabizzuno Showroom
  • Explanation of integration specific systems in architecture. Practical workshop.


Module Vb.

  • Space perception. Night workshop in Barcelona
  • To see the world through light and its lighting. To observe and identify light in the city, in the buildings and in the spaces where we live.

Jordi Ballesta

Coordinador of the Lighting Design Area at ELISAVA. Lighting Designer. Engineer in Industrial Design awarded by ELISAVA. Teacher in the Master’s Degree in Retail Design and Branding at ELISAVA. Co-founder of Anoche Iluminación Arquitectónica. He works as a designer and project manager, carrying out all kind of lighting projects in architecture, urban planning and interior design, developing from the concept to the materialization of the work.


Xavier Farrés

Lighting Designer. Superior Architect and he has a Master’s Degree in Technology awarded by UPC. With more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in façades and architecture lighting, he has developed and built more than a hundred works with well-known national and international architects. He collaborates as a teacher in the Lighting Design Area at ELISAVA, and he also collaborates in other Master’s Degree and Postgraduate programmes specialized in technology and drawing.


Marià Vallès

Lighting Designer. He’s a consultant in lighting and co-founder of Anoche Iluminación Arquitectónica, he has a lot of experience in the lighting and decorative fields, working in architecture and interior design projects, like, for example, in residences, hotels, offices, retail spaces and façades. He collaborates as a teacher in the Lighting Design Area at ELISAVA. 

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Colaborador: Xavier Alcrudo

Performance illuminator. He has been linked to the technical world of the performance since 1992. He has worked for professional and amateur theatre companies, in the television world. In 2008 he created El Xinringuito, together with Joan Delshorts.

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