Information Design


José Manuel Pérez Paadín

Duration // Schedule

1st to 12th July 2019 (40 hours) // From 5 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.




770 €. Bold members of Elisava Alumni will enjoy a 15% reduction.


Introduction / Medium

Design information is a current need and a challenge for the graphic designer. Not only the raw material is mutant, but the tools are also hybrid and unstable. Numeric data, illustration, taxonomy, copywriting: our work might have all these sides and more.

This makes that we have to approach to the design praxis with tools, skills and attitudes which go further than the traditional tools. Teamwork and critical thinking are fundamentals for the infographic and visualization data practices. This Summer School's course wants to provide the needed attitudes to the designer for working in the information design as a communication tool and provide the designer a solid base for dealing with larger scale projects. 

Contemporary reality --shaped by the information technologies-- needs languages and tools that allow to cover and easy its understanding. The ways of communication from the graphic design also have to adapt to this reality. Design information, on all levels, is an essential part of communication in a world shaped by the continuous flow of data, images and ideas. 

Who can apply?

Graphic designers, design students, communicators with experience in graphic environments.

Knowledge and experience requirements

It is compulsory to have experience in graphic design and be skillful with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign tools, etc.

  • To initiate the unfamiliar designers into the infographics and visualization data as a communication tool.
  • To provide the theoretical framework to understand and analyze the information design from a critical perspective.
  • To provide the inexperience designers with the basic practical skills in order to assimilate the infographic language in his/her work.
  • To know the methods, tools and basic resources to work with the design and data communication. 

The Summer School's course is structured in two parts:

Part 1

History and practice of infographics from a multitasking viewpoint with an open perspective, and a particular emphasis on their potential as a communication and expression tool.

Part 2

 It is divided in working sessions with practical exercises. In each session the duration is variable and it includes between one to three conferences; an exercise with limited time will help to put into practice the concepts covered in previous theoretical sessions.


Born in Ferrol, Galicia, he studied Fine Arts in the faculty of Cuenca University. After moving to Barcelona, he establishes himself as a graphics and multimedia designer.  In 2001, he funded Cartún, the first Spanish online cartoons producer. Later on, Lamosca will be created, and he was its graphic designer, art director, and partner of the studio. In recent years, his work is mainly focused on infographics. He has given conferences and courses in several universities and institutions, mainly in Spain and Mexico.

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