Summer School, Elisava’s short courses specialized in design

26 May 2022

Summer School is a series of Elisava’s tailor-made specialization courses for students who want to perfect their knowledge and improve their skills in a creative and cosmopolitan context. A set of programmes, one or two weeks long, during the months of July and September, dedicated to several areas of specialization such as interior design, packaging, furniture, creativity, editorial design, lighting design or social design, among others.

Moreover, Summer School is a dedicated training for students who do not necessarily have a design background, which will help them understand different areas of design from an international and distinct perspective.

Study a summer course in Barcelona

If you are looking for summer schools, you want to study design and spend a few days of summer in a city like Barcelona, you are in luck!

Barcelona is a city with an open spirit that offers its inhabitants a high quality of life. At the same time, it is considered one of the design capitals of the world, which is perfect if you want to continue improving your skills through a design summer school.

From packaging to interior design, materials, and typography

Elisava’s Summer School offer includes courses in different specialties. If you are interested in Space Design and Architecture, for example, you have our courses about Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing, Lighting Design, Interior Spaces, Signage and Wayfinding, and Ephemeral Design for Social Interaction, a workshop specialized in night clubs design and temporary installations.

If you are looking for courses related to Product Design and Materials, you can check our short courses on furniture design and sustainable materials; if you prefer something about Strategy and Management, we have our Design Thinking course Bcn 2.0 Creative Lab, another one focused on Advanced Creativity, and a new programme on social design as an agent of change.

We also have other courses on technology and artificial intelligenge and graphic design and communication. This last section includes programmes related to packaging, editorial design and our TypeJuly courses, a series of typography workshops during the month of July that allows you to learn from leading international professionals in typographic design such as Manuel Krebs (Norm) and Cyrus Smith (Occupant fonts). A unique opportunity to delve into a specific field of typography and to work side by side with the masters of the trade.